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A Hoarvor

Hoarvors are giant ticks that drink large amounts of blood to survive. They can generally be found among dense foliage and in damp locations. Riverbeds and filth-ridden areas are a good place to find them.[1] Hoarvors are not quick to strike a lone enemy. However, in groups or in the presence of abundant food, they are known to strike swiftly and with ferocity. They don't hunt so much as they come upon their prey.[2] Hoarvors will commonly feed on sleeping, injured, dead and dying creatures. They are skilled at locating areas of strong blood flow from which to feed, where they drink from using a proboscis.

Hoarvor infestations are notoriously difficult to stamp out. Simple things like a drunkard left passed out in the streets at night or a pet left uncared for is enough to attract an infestation. It is said that placing frost salts in a circle around one's home is useful when trying to deter hoarvors from approaching.[3] Jagga is known to drive them into a frenzy.[2] Pickled hoarvor is a common snack for road-bound travelers.[4] Hoarvor skin and bloat sacs can be used to create a variety of goods.[5] Some Bosmer admire hoarvors and keep them as pets.[2][6] Hoarvors are associated with Namiira, and can cross from the Dark Behind the World to Nirn in areas ravaged by the Dro-m'Athra.[7]

During the Planemeld, the Lord Warden of the Imperial City Prison conducted experiments resulting in the conception of a strain of necrotic hoarvor. They possessed the ability to spit a corrosive substance.[8] Had Molag Bal's schemes not been stopped, these hoarvors would have been sent to fight mortals on the front lines to help end the Alliance War for the Daedra.[9]


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