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Lore:Marius Caro

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Count Marius Caro
OB-npc-Marius Caro.jpg
Count Marius Caro circa 3E 433
Race Imperial Gender Male
Born 3rd Era
Resided in Leyawiin
Appears in Oblivion

Count Marius Caro was the count of the Cyrodilic city of Leyawiin during the late Third and early Fourth Era.[1][2]:26 He and his father were well loved by the people of Leyawiin,[3] and the Caro family had been in power for at least another generation previous, although likely longer.[4][5] He married Alessia Caro, daughter of Count Charus Valga and Countess Arriana Valga of Chorrol. Many felt that this was an unwise decision, as the countess had a strong hatred for all foreign cultures and races and tried to introduce a bland Imperial-dominated culture to Leyawiin.[6]

Marius Caro chartered the Knights of the White Stallion, a chivalric order dedicated to eradicating banditry in the Lower Niben, particularly around County Leyawiin. During the Oblivion Crisis of 3E 433, Caro felt that the Empire and the Legion were not concerned with the welfare of Leyawiin, which was heavily besieged by the armies of Mehrunes Dagon. Despite this, he provided military aid for Bruma once the portals to the Deadlands surrounding the city were closed. This caused him to lose his faith in the Elder Council, feeling that they focus obsessively on the provinces and leave Cyrodiil to fend for itself.[1]

After the Empire's collapse in the early Fourth Era, Bravil and Leyawiin were both briefly independent city-states, often at odds with each other. By 4E 48, they had been reincorporated into the Empire under the rule of Titus Mede. However, Caro remained restless, with his several daughters becoming infamous for court poisoning.[2]:26

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