Lore:Alessia Caro

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Countess Alessia Caro
OB-npc-Countess Alessia Caro.jpg
Countess Alessia Caro as seen in Oblivion
Race Imperial Gender Female
Born 3rd Era
Resided in Leyawiin
Appears in Oblivion

Countess Alessia Caro was the wife of Count Marius Caro of Leyawiin. They were wed around 3E 432.[1] She was originally Alessia Valga, the daughter of Countess Arriana Valga of Chorrol, and the two visited each other regularly.[2] She and her husband were from prominent Cyrodiilic families, and it was widely speculated they were on their way to the Elder Council.[3] Rumor had it that she was the real power behind the throne, not her husband.[4]

Their union was considered a wise political maneuver, but the two seemed to be well-matched at a personal level, as well, as both were staunch supporters of "Imperialization". This made them very popular among some, and very unpopular among most beastfolk and others who did not want to see "bland" Nibenean culture and values replace the cosmopolitanism that had traditionally characterized Leyawiin. Of course, she may have been unpopular among many beastfolk, particularly Argonians, simply due to her open distaste for them.[3]

The Countess was renowned for her beauty, wit, and grace, but is perhaps more well-known for being the victim of a scandalous prank. At one of her formal dinner parties, the Countess and her guests suddenly found themselves stripped of all their possessions - clothes included.[5] There were other, darker rumors about her and her husband, too. There were whispers of a secret torture room in their castle which they visited together, and of Argonians who were taken to the castle and never seen again.[3]

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