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Lore:Mansel Sesnit

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Elden Yokeda Mansel Sesnit
Race Yokudan Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Died 1E 617
Reign 1E 609-
1E 617
Previous Ruler Ardanan Haba
Next Ruler Randic Torn
Resided in Yokuda

Mansel Sesnit was an Emperor of the Yokudan Empire. He became the Elden Yokeda, or military dictator, of old Yokuda in 1E 609 and succeeded for eight years in gaining control of almost the whole empire. Frandar Hunding's grandfather was a retainer of Sesnit and led many of the battles of unification during his reign. He was assassinated in 1E 617 and replaced by a commoner, Randic Torn.[1] He is noted for his brief but eventful governance, which lay much of the structural groundwork that later Redguard rulers would utilize.[2]

His crown was brought to Tamriel after the sinking of Yokuda, where it eventually ended up on display in Rulanyil's Fall during the mid-Second Era.[3] A number of his paperweights were also found around this time.[4]


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