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Lore:Randic Torn

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Elden Yokeda Randic Torn
Race Yokudan Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Died 1E 737
Reign 1E 617-
1E 737
Previous Ruler Mansel Sesnit
Next Ruler Hira
Resided in Yokuda

Randic Torn was an Elden Yokeda of the Yokudan Empire. He was a commoner who took over the government of Yokuda after the assassination of Mansel Sesnit in 1E 617. He tried to continue the work of Sesnit and unify the Yokudan Empire after almost three centuries of internal conflict. He revived the age-old rift between the sword singers and the commoners by introducing restrictions on the wearing of swords. "Torn's Sword-Hunt", as it was known, meant that only the singers were allowed to wear swords, which distinguished them from the rest of the population.[1][2] His controversial decrees led to a burst of emigration of Yokudans to the rocky islands east of the continent.[3] Although Torn did much to settle the empire into its pre-strife ways, by the time of his death in 1E 737 internal disturbances still had not been completely eliminated. Upon his death, a vicious civil war broke out.[1][2]


  • Randic Torn reigned for a total of 120 years and had been alive for even longer than that, having a much longer lifespan compared to modern humans.