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Type Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold The Pale
Appears in Skyrim
Irkngthand circa 4E 201

Irkngthand (meaning Dark Steam Gardens in Dwemeris) is a Dwemer ruin tunneling beneath Lake Yorgrim in The Pale hold of Skyrim. Irkngthand is home to the only known depiction of the Snow Elves before the Dwemer corrupted them into the modern Falmer.[1] The Great Statue of Irkngthand was built in secret by the Falmeri slaves and adorned by the two Eyes of the Falmer, which are giant gems of enormous value said burn into oneself upon viewing their magnificence.[2]

Irkngthand is theorized to be associated with the Clan Rourken, and was built in the Hoagen Kultorra style like many of the other strongholds of the Northern clans, featuring an Arcanex and a Deep Venue layout in its grand cavern.[3] It is rumored to be one of four Dwemer cities with an entrance into the underground cavern known as Blackreach (found just across from Raldbthar and its Great Lift), however no evidence of this entrance has been found, if it ever existed at all.[4][5] Large portions of this ruin were flooded following Thieves Guild activity in the area in the year 4E 201.[6]


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