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Skyrim:Thief's Last Words

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Book Information
Thief's Last Words
ID 000F0425
Value 0 Weight 0
Related to Blindsighted
Found in the following locations:
During Blindsighted this note is the only real hint that a collapsed tunnel will open up and allow you to escape death.
Thief's Last Words
A dying thief's final words about the twin Eyes of the Falmer jewels

Nobody thought they were real, but I've seen them.

The Eyes of the Snow Elves!

The Dwarves thought they took them from the Falmer, but they themselves were fooled. A statue, built in secret by the slaves, the eyes burn into you, and I see them even now. S'raffa escaped through the collapsing tunnel, but he'll never escape what we've seen. Men will never believe him, and he'll be driven mad by the knowledge that he'll never see them again. But I may yet see them again before I die.