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The Immortal Eight was a group of immortal loyalist legion soldiers led by Captain Anatolius Caudex, who protected the Nobles District of the Imperial City during the Planemeld in 2E 582.[1] They also played a part in stopping Bal's plans to snuff out the Dragonfires.[2]


Captain Caudex, associated with Akatosh leading the Immortal Eight

When the daedric invasion of the Imperial City in 2E 582 started, Captain Caudex gathered as many legionaries as he could and established a makeshift garrison in the old forum at the center of the Nobles District. They somehow managed to hold that fort against the forces of Molag Bal and Legion Zero for several months, despite the constant Daedric onslaught.[3][4][5] Eventually only the eight defenders, known as the Immortal Eight remained.[6][5]

The name of this group came from the fact that they could not permanently die: when they did, they simply woke up again. Each of these eight may well have been physical manifestations of the Eight Divines, as each was closely associated with one. The Vestige assisted them in holding off the forces of Molag Bal and discovered how they were immortal.[1]

They assisted the Vestige, Drake of Blades and Father Egnatius to defend the Dragonfires from the forces of Molag Bal.[2] After the successful defense of the Sublime Brazier, they returned to the Nobles District to protect his garrison. With the scroll gone, it was uncertain whether they kept the immortality or not, but they continued defending the city from the invasion.[7][5]

Their immortality was granted by a powerful artifact. According to Caudex, just before Molag Bal's assault on Imperial City, a group of priests unearthed an ancient scroll they claimed dated back to the time of St. Alessia.[5] According to the priests it magically appeared one day for reasons unknown.[8] Father Egnatius, one of the priests brought it to Anatolius and urged him to keep it safe.[5] The scroll was charged with great power,[9] that was capable of bringing back members of the Immortal Eight to life whenever they died in battle. The process was described as unpleasant. With each resurrection, soldiers came back feeling less like themselves. It was believed that so long they kept fighting the scroll would provide them with immortality.[5] It was theorized that the state of their immortality provided by the scroll was linked to Arkay.[10] Another theory implied that immortality was provided by the accidental absorption of the essence of a Daedra, necromancer curse, or the protection summoned by a priest of the Eight.[11]

They were provided supplies by a Redguard hunter named Brihana in exchange for pieces of Daedric equipment.[12]


  • Captain Anatolius Caudex (Akatosh)[5]
  • Arrianus Capius (Arkay)[10]
  • Dulcilla Iullus (Dibella)[13]
  • Justianas Gratus (Julianos)[11]
  • Kyleus Herminia (Kynareth)[14]
  • Maxima Petellia (Mara)[15]
  • Statius Vettiena (Stendarr)[16]
  • Zelanus Equitius (Zenithar)[6]


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