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ON-creature-Faolchu the Reborn.jpg
Race Imperial Gender Male
Died 2E 582
Appears in ESO

Faolchu the Changeling was a general of the Alessian Order who was cursed with lycanthropy. Faolchu had a reputation for being nigh invulnerable in battle, earning him the nickname the Invincible General.[1] Soldiers could bash him with a shield, stick him full of arrows or cut deep into his flesh, and Faolchu would not falter in his assault.[1] Not even a sword to the heart could kill him.[2] However, Faolchu had a crippling fear of fire.[2] Fire was the only thing that could stop Faolchu in his tracks.[2] He was killed at the Battle of Glenumbra Moors while a fire was raging around him.[3]

Faolchu was resurrected in 2E 582 by Angof the Gravesinger, with the intention of having him serve Molag Bal.[4] Faolchu wreaked havoc upon Glenumbra at Angof's behest, and took Camlorn for his own.[5][6] In an effort to discover the means to defeat the ancient general, the Mages Guild had the Vestige travel back in time where Faolchu met his demise.[7] After experiencing the battle first-hand through the eyes of a Breton soldier, the Vestige discovered Faolchu's weakness, giving the Lion Guard and its allies the information they needed to defeat him once more.[8] By this time, Faolchu had holed himself up in Camlorn Keep, and was defeated by the Vestige after Lion Guard archers set fire to the building.[8] Upon his second death, Faolchu's soul was sent to Coldharbour, where Molag Bal had him tormented within Heart's Grief for his failure.[9]



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