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Online:Bulfor the Cheesemonger

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Bulfor the Cheesemonger
Home City Orsinium
Location On a farm near Skalar's Hostel
Race Orc Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Bulfor the Cheesemonger

Bulfor the Cheesemonger is an Orc cheesemaker who can be found in Orsinium. She owns an Echatere named Woolly, who produces desirable cheese.

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Cultural AffectionsEdit

When looking for gifts, you can approach Bulfor:

"Have you come for my cheese? That seems to be the only thing anyone ever wants to talk to me about these days."
Is your cheese the one that makes Orcs … passionate?
"That old hearth-wives' tale again! Yes, Woolly here gives the best milk in seven strongholds. And yes, Woolly's milk makes the most delicious and smooth and creamy cheese in all of Wrothgar. But its amorous attributes have been greatly exaggerated!"
So eating Woolly's cheese doesn't make Orc maidens go wild?
"Well, I didn't say that.
The quality of Woolly's milk, combined with my secret processes, does add a tinge of arousal with every bite you take. But cheese—even my cheese—won't make an Orc fall in love with you. It's not magicka, you know."
Would you trade this block of curdled mammoth cheese for a chunk of your echatere's cheese?
"Curdled mammoth cheese? That's a Nord delicacy!
I mean, I suppose that would be a fair trade. Just remember that Woolly's cheese can be rather potent. A little goes a long way when it comes to romancing an affectionate Orc."
Thanks for the cheese.

She will then hand you a sample of Echatere Cheese.

If you talk to her again before leaving:

"Thanks again for this delightful cheese! I spent time in Windhelm, studying with Cheesemonger Barl, and I developed quite a taste for curdled mammoth cheese.
Just be careful with the echatere cheese. Sometimes just the smell can arouse an eager Orc."

If you talk to her once more after the quest:

"I may try to actually increase the potency of Woolly's cheese. I know a number of clan chiefs that could use some help when it comes to getting their wives into a receptive mood.
If you know what I mean."