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A welwa (ESO)

Welwa are great four-eyed pack hunting beasts, with thick pelts, tails, and savage teeth.

According to tapestries in the Crystal Tower, the early Aldmeri settlers of the Summerset Isles encountered welwa, depicted as strange, holy ravagers, and saviors of the land.[1] Led by Torinaan, the Aldmer of Auridon drove them back using ancestral magics,[2] and eventually the welwa of Summerset were driven to extinction.[3][4] In Yokuda they were considered myths, and described in their ancient texts as having "the jaws of a bear, and the charging strength of a boar".[5]

Welwa continued to inhabit the wilds of Craglorn on mainland Tamriel. They are often domesticated and armored by the Iron Orcs of the region, who use them as war beasts. History indicates that every pastoral society in Craglorn's long history: Nedes, Yokudans, Goblins, and Orcs has domesticated them at some point.[6]

In the Second Era, the Sapiarchs of the Crystal Tower reintroduced welwa to Summerset Isle by bringing in mated pairs from Craglorn. These welwa quickly spread across the wilderness of Summerset, although many inhabitants of the Isle were displeased with their reintroduction.[4]



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