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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Eastmarch
Appears in Arena, Skyrim, ESO, Blades
Kynesgrove circa 4E 201

Kynesgrove, a simplification of the original Kyne's Grove[1] (and sometimes known as Dragon Wood),[2] is a small village south of Windhelm. The village survives off a Malachite mine and some farming.[3] Although there are an abundant amount of trees in the area, they are considered sacred to Kyne and are not allowed to be harmed.[4]

The dragon Sahloknir, who was slain in the First Era by the Nordic hero Jorg Helmbolg, was interred in a dragon mound near the village.[1] The Dragonguard later established the hidden base of Dark Water Temple near the mound.[5] In the Second Era, it was home to a major shrine to Kyne, tended to by the Keepers of the Grove. Suffering from the loss of their loved ones to the Alliance War, they lashed out against Kyne, thralling many civilians as the Muzzled Owls and overtaking the village.[6] Keeper Ormi was turned into a hagraven, but after her son Sahun revealed himself to still be alive and prayed for her, Kyne cleansed and forgave her.[7]

During the Imperial Simulacrum, the village of Dragonwood was an active settlement, being ruled by Lord Torbald. It had a rivalry with Pargran Village.[8] The village also has an arena that was known to still be in use circa 4E 180.[9]

In the Fourth Era, Ganna and Gemma Uriel came to Kynesgrove to start the Frostbark lumber mill without realizing the nearby grove's trees were sacred to Kyne,[4] with the village containing remnants of the grove they initially cut.[10] Much of the town's business came from the malachite ore from Steamscorch Mine. During the Stormcloak Rebellion, the Last Dragonborn came to Kynesgrove with Delphine after she tracked down Alduin's next foray, and they slew Sahloknir within moments of the wyrm's resurrection by Alduin.[3]


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