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Lore:Aeradan Camoran

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King Aeradan Camoran
ON-npc-King Camoran Aeradan.jpg
King Aeradan Camoran ca. 2E 582
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Resided in Valenwood
Appears in ESO

Aeradan Camoran was the Bosmeri king of Valenwood during the mid-Second Era. His reign began after a civil war for sovereignty with his cousin, Gelthior Camoran, but later, he was among the leaders that spearheaded the first-iteration of the Aldmeri Dominion in 2E 582,[1] as well as, part of the original Inner Council of the Thalmor.[2]


Aeradan was a member of the Camoran Dynasty, alive during the mid-years of the Interregnum. He grew up in Elden Root and would often sneak into the Orrery underneath the city.[3] He ascended to the throne in his home-city as the King of Valenwood, but it came with its issues. Aeradan sought to renew his domain through the progression from ancient Bosmeri traditions, but in doing so he garnered many vocal critics that said that he was too lenient in regards to the Green Pact. One such example was his Vinedusk Rangers consuming roots from the ground. People called for justice against the King, and so his cousin from Cormount, Camoran Gelthior formed the Blacksap Rebellion in 2E 489, to set himself as the King[4] and create a formality for the people's attitude towards the Green Pact.[5] Thus began a civil war that lasted roughly a century.

The information specifically about the war is unknown, but eventually, the Colovians became involved, offering their support to Gelthior's movement.[6] King Aeradan's forces were losing the conflict until he called for help from Queen Ayrenn of the Summerset Isles, who managed to overwhelm the Blacksap and Colovians.[1] The Blacksap Rebellion was left in disarray following a massacre in Cormount, orchestrated by the Jade Butcher, General Endare.[4][7] In 2E 580, King Aeradan Camoran signed the Elden Accord with the Altmer and the Khajiit, forming the First Aldmeri Dominion. Not only did he become a member of the Thalmor's Inner Council, but his seat of power, Elden Root became the Dominion's capital.[8][9] In 2E 582, Aeradan was present at the ratification ceremony at the Orrery, which provided Ayrenn's validity to her leadership of the Dominion.[10]

Later that year, the forest of Valenwood was threatened by the Azure Blight coming from the Tenmar Forest valley to the east. Aeradan sought the help of the ancient forest spirit, Selene, who was under the confinement of the Mages Guild warlock, Carindon at the time. The King called upon the Stags of Z'en for assistance. The warrior, Allanwen served as a mediator between Carindon and Selene, while Gadnalon represented Elden Root and spoke in Aeradan's name.[11] Together with the Undaunted, the task force was able to destroy the Azure Blight and its creator, the Dragon named Maarselok.[12]


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