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Skeletal Dragon (Legends)

Bone Dragons (also called Skeletal Dragons or Undead Dragons) are the reanimated skeletal remains of a Dragon which has been stripped of its soul. Even without a Dragon soul, the physical remains of a Dragon can prove to be a dangerous opponent when reanimated by necromancy. Bone Dragons are therefore highly prized by necromancers for use as undead minions.[1]

As immortal beings,[2] the skeletal remains of Dragons are generally not truly dead and can rise again.[3] The main exception to this is when the Dragon's soul has been consumed by a fellow Dragon, destroying it permanently and rendering its remains beyond the ability of any ritual to resurrect.[4][5] This ability also extends to the Dragonborn, mortals born with the soul of a Dragon, who can become the greatest Dragonslayers by absorbing the souls of their quarry and thereby stealing their power.[6][7] It is also possible to use powerful soul magic to sever the connection between a Dragon's soul and its physical remains, although the effects of this is the subject of fierce scholarly debate, with some speculating that a Dragon soul once severed may simply dissolve over time or return to join Father Akatosh.[8] Once the soul has been separated, the remains can be reanimated by a sufficiently powerful necromancer.[1]

Dragon bone is considered to be an incredible durable material, and is used by the Nords to create high-quality Dragonplate armor and Dragonbone weapons.[9] Even in death, Bone Dragons are known to retain some mastery of the Thu'um, such as frost breath.[10]

Circa 2E 582, the remains of Thurvokun were raised by Orryn the Black, the leader of the Blackmarrow Cult of necromancers. Orryn ultimately transferred his own soul into the skeletal remains and possessed Thurvokun briefly before being defeated by Yisareh and the Undaunted.[1]



  • Not all undead Dragons have lost their soul. For example, Durnehviir became undead through his long imprisonment within the Soul Cairn, but did not become skeletal.[11]
  • Necromancers have been known to create undead constructs assembled from bird and reptile bones that resemble miniature Bone Dragons.[12] These constructs are sometimes imbued with a magical glow for greater effect.[13]

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