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The Ayleid Diaspora is an event describing the flight of the Ayleids from Cyrodiil which is spread across two centuries, a time known as the Late Ayleid Period.[1][2] It occurred after the Fall of White Gold Tower and the Ayleid Empire to the Alessian Slave Rebellion in 1E 243.[2][UOL 1][3][4] After the Tower's fall, various Daedraphile Ayleid kingdoms formed alliances to prevent this, and attempted to hold back the newly established Alessian Empire, and the Ayleids that sympathized with them.[5] After the expunging of the Daedraphiles, Ayleidic culture lingered in the Aedra-worshipping city-states that survived as client kingdoms of Alessian Cyrodiil, but with the establishment of the Alessian Doctrines that abolished Ayleid lordships, most of the remaining Ayleids in Cyrodiil joined the Ayleid Diaspora circa 1E 361.[4][2] It was followed by the Ayleid Pogrom.[1]

During the Ayleid Diaspora, the Wild Elves fled in all directions, but not all would be successful.[6] Those that fled into Skyrim were slaughtered by the Nords, and those that attempted to enter Black Marsh were rejected by the Barsaebic Ayleids. Most Ayleids fled into Valenwood.[4][2][7] The last king of the Ayleids, Laloriaran Dynar of Nenalata, commanded the last vassal state.[1] In the years 1E 372-374, King Dynar was given an ultimatum by the Alessian Emperor. He and his people were eventually forced to abandon Nenalata and flee to High Rock in order to escape the Ayleid Pogrom.[1] It's speculated that the exodus strengthened the Direnni Hegemony in High Rock - in which case, the Ayleids had their revenge, as the war with the Direnni eventually crippled the Alessian Empire and brought about its fall.[2][8]

Ayleid Diaspora was allowed to settle in Valenwood on the condition of adopting aspects of the Green Pact. Having little choice, the Ayleids agreed and refrained from harming the forest, which probably contributed to the dilution of their culture.[4]

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