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The Apostles of Light

The Apostles of Light were an order of Heretics in the Shivering Isles. They were led by Ciirta, a woman who had witnessed Sheogorath's disappearance during the Greymarch.[1] Because of her belief that Sheogorath had abandoned his people to die, she founded a separatist faction of those who had lost their loyalty to Sheogorath. They called themselves the "seekers of light", and, as a symbol of this, they used Illusion magic to emit light from their robes.[2] Luminary Kaz was second-in-command of the order.[3] The Apostles were based in the Howling Halls, where they planned to one day storm Sheogorath's palace and overthrow the Prince.[4][5]

In 3E 433, Sheogorath's Champion infiltrated the group in an attempt to get Ciirta's eye, needed for the reconstruction of the Staff of Sheogorath. Ra'kheran‎ confronted the Champion, seeing past the disguise, and requested the Champion to retrieve several ritualistic daggers for him and a group of rebels in the order, as Ciirta had banned them from possessing weaponry. Once armed, Ra'kheran led an attack on Ciirta and the Champion took her eye.[4] Following the death of their leader, Ra'kheran attempted to take control, to the dismay of the surviving loyal Apostles.[6] The group later seemed to have disbanded and became indistinguishable from the common Heretics found throughout Mania.[7]

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