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Madness Beckons
LG-card-Madness Beckons.png
Deck code ID jZ
Card Set LG-icon-Promotional.png Festival of Madness
Magicka Cost LG-icon-Magicka.png1
Attribute Neutral Neutral
Rarity Epic Epic
Put a random Isle of Madness card into your hand.

Madness Beckons is an epic Neutral action card.

It pulls from the following pool of 7 cards:


A playset of premium Madness Beckons cards was available during the Festival of Madness on day 39 and 40 for 2,000 gold as part of the second Isle of Madness Sneak Peek Pack. Before the release of Isle of Madness, it couldn't be soul-summoned, instead showing the message "Available only at the whim of Sheogorath".