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A scroll is an item that can be used to learn its corresponding spell. They are found as random monster loot or in chests. Obtaining a scroll will not net you a spell right away, as you will have to both learn the appropriate skill and then use it from your inventory. If the skill is not attached to your class from the start, you will have to find the relevant Champion and train at least once in the skill, and finally activate the scroll. All scrolls display in the inventory simply as "Scroll", so you must inspect them individually to learn which spell it teaches. A usable scroll will have the option to use, an already known scroll will appear with a "(known)" beside the spell name, and a scroll without either indicates that you lack the skill needed to learn the spell.


Spell Chest Location Skill Skill Trainer Sell  
Absorb Glacier Run 3 & Ice Council 3 Conjuration Beatrice 70
Blind Frostheim & Blind Fjord 2 Illusion Delacroix 70
Blood Spirit Dawnstar Run 2 Conjuration Beatrice 70
Camp Magicka Restoration Alhavara 70
Daedric Weapon Conjuration Beatrice 70
Damage Destruction Beatrice 70
Dead to Dust Troll Hole 2 Conjuration Beatrice 70
Death Howl Illusion Delacroix 70
Doom Hammer Destruction Beatrice 70
Dragon Combat Alteration Beatrice 70
Drain Ice Council 2 & Ice Council 3 Destruction Beatrice 70
Fear Illusion Delacroix 70
Feeble Blade Destruction Beatrice 70
Frenzy Alteration Beatrice 70
Harm Armor Troll Hole Destruction Beatrice 70
Heal Wound Troll Pace Restoration Alhavara 70
Paralyze Slipneck Fjord Illusion Delacroix 70
Raise Attribute Dawnstar Run 2 & Glacier Run 2 & Troll Hole Restoration Alhavara 70
Remove Ailment Restoration Alhavara 70
Righteousness Ice Council Conjuration Beatrice 70
Sanctuary Troll Pace & Troll Pace 2 Illusion Delacroix 70
Shield Alteration Beatrice 70
Weakness Alteration Beatrice 70

Unobtainable ScrollsEdit

Name Skill Sell  
Deft Security Restoration(?) (?)
Disarm Trap Alteration(?) (?)


  • When deciding whether or not to learn a spell, keep in mind that both methods of equipping spells (cycling with 5 and opening the spells menu) require passing by known spells in order to get the one you need. While it is tempting to become master of all spells, every spell learned adds time to the spell-switching process, which could mean the difference between life and death.
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