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Dawnstar: NPCs
Location Glacier Run 2
Gender Male

Delacroix is one of the four Champions and a possible traitor. You will find him in the northeastern room of Glacier Run 2.


When you meet him for the first time, he will always greet you with:

"Ahhh... the governor sent you to seek out a traitor? Perhaps you should give him a mirror."

When you initiate a conversation with him, he will always say a random one of the following:

"I have most of what I need, but should you find something of interest, I would love to see it."
"I fear I grow soft and spindly hiding out like this."
"I have heard rumors that the governor lost his journal to raiders. Now that would be interesting reading."


In exchange for 1 Aid Point, Delacroix will train you a rank in Illusion, Short Blade, or Speechcraft. If you attempt to train without any Aid Points, he will say:

"I am afraid I am not at your beck and call today."


You can give Delacroix a Gift Item in order to gain Aid Points with him. The following table shows each Gift Item and the number of Aid Points you will gain with him for it.

His responses depending on how many Aid Points the gift was worth.

  1. "A tasty tidbit to be sure, thank you."
  2. "I accept with gusto. You would be hard pressed to do better."
  3. "Simply extraordinary! You are a miracle worker."

His response to refusing a non-Gift Item:

"Failure comes naturally to you, does it?"


If your Speechcraft skill is high enough, you will receive 1 Aid Point with Delacroix. His responses for a successful Befriend attempt:

"The traitor and his minions are dangerous. I will help you as I can."
"You seem a bit rusty about the edges. I can help with that."

His responses for a failed Befriend attempt:

"I would say you disgust me, but I don't want to give you false hope."
"It's a miracle. I am a man with nothing to do, yet you have managed to waste my time."

If you attempt to Befriend him again after a successful Befriend or three(?) consecutive failures, he will indicate that you cannot yet by responding:

"Best to let some time pass..."


If Delacroix is intimidated by you(?), you will receive 1 Aid Point with him. The following is his response to a Threaten attempt, regardless of whether or not it was successful(?):

"You are so cute when you threaten me."

If you attempt to Threaten him again, he will indicate that you cannot yet by responding:

"Best to let some time pass..."

Ask a questionEdit

In exchange for 1 Aid Point, you can ask Delacroix about what one of other three Champions were doing during the attack on Dawnstar before they were exiled. You first select what topic to ask about: between North wall defense, East wall defense, Arguing with governor, Imperial aid, Ice tribes, and Gates before attack. Then, you select Alhavara, Beatrice, or Chung to be the target of your question. His response can be falsified if he is the traitor. Regardless, he will give one of the following responses:

If you attempt to ask a question without any Aid Points, he will say:

"I am afraid I am not at your beck and call today."

If you ask a question you have already asked, he will give the same reply without deducting from your Aid Points with him. However, he will still refuse any question if you have 0 Aid with him.


Delacroix transports you to Dawnstar in front of Eustacia. This doesn't update "Your last location" like Warp Rune items or warp squares.