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Magic abilities and spells can be obtained by using their respective scrolls. If you have sufficient magicka, the spell's cost will be deducted from your magicka in exchange for the spell's effect. Some spells are cast on yourself, while others require a hostile target. The magic effect used will show whether the spell affects you or an enemy. Continued use of a spell will increase your skill in its corresponding school of magic.


Name   Effect Target Skill Packaged in Class
Absorb 20 Drains attributes from monster, gives to caster   Conjuration N/A
Blind 12 Greatly reduces monster ability to hit   Illusion N/A
Blood Spirit 10 Conjures spirit to attack monster   Conjuration N/A
Camp Magicka 8 Restores magicka when camping   Restoration N/A
Daedric Weapon 6 Conjures modestly enchanted weapon   Conjuration Sorcerer
Damage 8 Deals damage to monster   Destruction Battlemage
Dead to Dust 14 Savages the undead   Conjuration N/A
Death Howl 10 Damages even great monsters   Illusion N/A
Doom Hammer 16 Creates powerful magic weapon   Destruction N/A
Dragon Combat 16 Greatly increases caster melee ability   Alteration N/A
Drain 18 Lowers many monster attributes   Destruction N/A
Fear 12 Cowering monsters cannot hurt you   Illusion N/A
Feeble Blade 12 Reduces damage from monster   Destruction N/A
Frenzy 10 Increases caster weapon value   Alteration Sorcerer
Harm Armor 12 Reduces effectiveness of monster armor   Destruction N/A
Heal Wound 12 Restores health   Restoration Battlemage
Paralyze 12 Temporarily paralyzes monsters   Illusion Nightblade
Raise Attribute 12 Raises caster attributes for one combat   Restoration N/A
Remove Ailment 14 Removes one status ailment   Restoration N/A
Righteousness 15 Extra combat boost against any monster   Conjuration N/A
Sanctuary 12 Greatly increases caster armor   Illusion N/A
Shield 15 Increases caster armor value   Alteration N/A
Weakness 18 Weakens monster combat ability   Alteration N/A

Unobtainable SpellsEdit

Name   Effect Target Skill
Deft Security (?) Increases caster security skill (?) Restoration(?)
Disarm Trap (?) Enhances security (?) Alteration(?)


  • Self-Targeting spells can be useful to counter the effect of Glacier Curse, as you can repeatedly spend magicka, delaying the damage until the effect runs out.
  • Blood Spirit simply deals damage.
  • The effect of Camp Magicka is redundant, since magicka already regenerates when camping.
  • Unlike Daedric Weapon, Doom Hammer does not create and equip a weapon like the description would imply.
  • The effect of Dead to Dust is unclear, since none of the enemies are canonically undead.
  • Deft Security and Disarm Trap make reference to a "security" skill that is not present in the game.
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