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Player level, skills, and attributes affect each other to create a leveling system where the player becomes more powerful as they play.


The player begins with up to four known skills based on how they made their character. Each known skill begins at a predetermined rank with 0/10 skill experience. You gain skill experience by successfully completing an action governed by the corresponding skill. Skill experience will reach up to 10/10, gaining a rank in the skill and resetting to 1/10 skill experience on the next skill experience increment. You cannot gain skill experience or ranks for a skill that is not yet known.

Skill Description Class Actions
Alteration (?) Spellsword (4)
Sorcerer (2)
Axe (?) Barbarian (4) (?)
Blunt Weapon (?) Knight (4)
Barbarian (2)
Battlemage (2)
Rogue (2)
Conjuration (?) Sorcerer (4) (?)
Destruction (?) Battlemage (4)
Sorcerer (3)
Spellsword (2)
Heavy Armor (?) Knight (3)
Rogue (3)
Illusion (?) Nightblade (4) (?)
Light Armor (?) Barbarian (4)
Nightblade (2)
Rogue (1)
Spellsword (1)
Long Blade (?) Rogue (4)
Spellsword (3)
Knight (1)
Nightblade (1)
Restoration (?) Battlemage (3) (?)
Short Blade (?) Nightblade (3) (?)
Speechcraft (?) Knight (2)
Battlemage (1)
Sorcerer (1)


One Aid point with a Champion can be exchanged for a rank in a skill that they train. This also allows the player to learn new skills that did not come with their class. This is a complete list of the skills trained by the four Champions:


  • Light Armor
  • Long Blade
  • Restoration


  • Alteration
  • Conjuration
  • Destruction


  • Axe
  • Blunt Weapon
  • Heavy Armor


  • Illusion
  • Short Blade
  • Speechcraft

Learning a new skill will give you the message: "You have learned the skill [Skill]]! (Rank 1)"

Training a skill will give you the message: "[Skill] rank increased from [Old Skill Level] to [New Skill Level]!" This will have no effect on skill experience.


Like player skills, attributes also have variation among the different classes.

Primary AttributesEdit

The player has eight attributes that factor into the various ways that your character interacts with the world. They are the following:

Attribute Description
Strength Affects the amount of damage your character can inflict.
Intelligence Determines your character's supply of base magicka.
Willpower Affects the recovery speed of Magicka energy.
Agility Determines your character's base defense against physical attacks.
Speed Determines how fast your character moves.
Endurance Affects the amount of health your character has.
Personality Determines how well you interact with the Champions.
Luck Is your character's fate and fortune.

Critical AttributesEdit

There are three attributes that are displayed at all times on the heads up display. Their base values are modified by class and primary attributes. The most important is health. If this is ever reduced to zero, the character dies and wakes up back at Eustacia, missing all items except gifts and equipped items. For spellcasters, magicka is a measure of their remaining spell power. Also vital is fatigue, as characters with low fatigue do significantly less damage and no fatigue prevents moving or turning.

Attribute Damaged by Recovered by
Health Enemies, Frost Limbs, Glacier Curse, Grievous Harm, Troll Thirst Absorb, Heal Wound, Raise Attribute(?), Healing Balm, Recovery Potion, Troll Thirst, Camping, Eustacia
Magicka Spellcasting, Glacier Curse Absorb(?), Raise Attribute(?), Magicka Potion, Recovery Potion, Glacier Curse, Camping, Eustacia
Fatigue Walking, Attacking, Spellcasting, Frost Limbs, Grievous Harm Absorb(?), Raise Attribute(?), Stamina Potion, Camping, Standing Still


Player level can be used as a gauge for the capabilities of your character. The player begins at Level 1 with 0/10 level experience. Level experience increments by one when a skill is ranked up through use (so training does not count). Level experience will reach up to 9/10, leveling up and resetting to 0/10 level experience on the next skill rank up.

Level UpEdit

Upon leveling up, the player must choose one primary attribute to raise by 3, one to raise by 2, and one to raise by 1. The same attribute may be selected multiple times so the maximum increase to one attribute is 6. The pool of attributes that can be increased is limited to the corresponding attributes of the skills that were ranked up to earn the level. The attributes and their corresponding skills are as follows:


  • Axe
  • Blunt Weapon(?)
  • Heavy Armor(?)


  • Alteration
  • Conjuration
  • Destruction(?)
  • Illusion(?)
  • Restoration



  • Light Armor
  • Long Blade(?)
  • Short Blade(?)





  • Speechcraft




  • Self-Targeting spells are incredibly useful for leveling without entering combat. Combined with Eustacia's recovery dialogue option, you can repeatedly cast spells and recover your magicka, increasing your skill experience, skill rank, level experience, and level.