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Uncover the traitor of Dawnstar, return to defend the city from the final onslaught.


Combat occurs when a monster is adjacent to your character. You may attack the monster (press 1) or cast a spell (press 3). Sometimes it is wiser to flee a battle. All movement options (the rocker button or pressing 2, 4, 6, or 8) are allowed in combat. Combat actions use up fatigue. Keep an eye on your fatigue level. Tired fighters are less effective fighters.


You gain experience through successful skill use. You can check your progress on skills through the options menu, then selecting skills and the specific skill you want to see. When you gain enough experience your skill goes up a rank. When you gain 10 skill ranks your character goes up a level. When you gain a level you get to permanently increase your stats.


Access items from the inventory menu (press 7 for options, then select inventory). Four actions with items are available.
  • You can drop any item.
  • You can equip weapons and armor, which you must do to use them in combat.
  • You can learn a spell from a spell scroll, if you already have the appropriate magic skill.
  • You can activate all other items by using them.

Gift ItemsEdit

Gift items can be given to trainers, who will give different amounts of Aid based on how much they like the gift. Each dungeon contains one gift item. Finding gift items will unlock new dungeons and thus are the key to game progress. [sic] Search each dungeon well, and save often. Gift Items are found in the largest version of the game, available on handsets such as the Nokia 3650 and 7650.


The '*' button toggles the map display. You click to choose between the in-play mini-map or the full dungeon map. The map shows colored squares that indicate objects of importance in the game. A blue square represents a chest or a dropped item. A red square represents a monster. A purple square represents a warp square, which warps you back to the camp dungeon.


Monsters are always hostile. If you have an attack option on your menu bar, then you are facing a monster. Pay attention to the name of monsters as they appear; monsters which look alike can actually have very different combat capabilities. Monsters can follow you if you get close enough. If you are fleeing a combat get several squares away before you stop. Monsters can sometimes afflict you with status ailments, which can cause negative effects to your vision, magic powers and/or health. If you have a status ailment, it will be shown on your status [sic] screen. Eustacia (and sometimes camping) can cure status ailments. Some monsters are difficult to see in their natural environment. The better your perception skill the farther away you can see a monster. If your perception is low, it is advisable to take some time when peering into rooms. Perception and monster appearance mechanics are found in the largest version of the game, available on handsets such as the Nokia 3650 and 7650. [sic]


Movement is achieved through two methods:
Move by pressing 2 to move forward, 4 to step left, 6 to step right, and 8 to step backward while still facing forward. The arrow keys or joystick directions move you forward, back or rotates you right and left.
Movement results in fatigue. As combat also results in fatigue you are well advised to rest for a few seconds if your strength is getting low.


You cast a spell from the adventure menu by pressing 3. You may only have one spell ready to cast at one time. You can change a spell by pressing 5. This toggles through your available spells. You can also push 7 and select the 'spells' option. This leads to your list of spells. Select the spell you now want active. View the information and then ready the spell. Spells require magicka to cast. Camping or consumable items can restore your magicka. Spell casting can also affect fatigue, so stay rested.


Trainers offer a key method to increase your current skills or teach you valuable new ones. Not all trainers offer all skills, but one of the games' four trainers will have the skill you need.
Trainers can be influenced by attempts to befriend them or threaten them. Befriending is the better approach long term. Gift items found in the dungeon increase your chances [sic] of trainers working with you. Trainers have their own preferences, so pay attention when a trainer says he or she needs something.


You may camp (press the 0 key) in order to recover your health, magic powers, and fatigue.

Features only available on smaller versionsEdit

Treasure Run
Certain squares trigger a timed challenge; find the corresponding square on the same dungeon level and be rewarded with treasures otherwise unavailable in the game. Making the treasure runs greatly increases the power of your character. The treasure run is a feature only available on the most compact version of the game, running at least on the Sharp GX10 and Samsung A500.
The Oracular altar has powers that allow you to recover safely. It will also accept items in sacrifice. The more items you sacrifice the more aid the oracle will give you, removing ailments or even training you in new skills.