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Halls of Penumbra
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# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
Solstheim, Halls of Penumbra
Hirstaang Forest, [-22,19]
Halls of Penumbra

Halls of Penumbra is a medium-sized cave near the Sun Stone in southeastern Solstheim.

This cave is involved in the Ritual of the Sun, there is a wall of ice at the end that is blocking the sun.

To get to the Halls of Penumbra go to the Sun Stone. From there, go straight west over the Iggnir River, and continue in between two sets of twin rock spires that mark the path.

You'll reach a small snowy mound with a cave, the Halls of Penumbra. Watch out though, there are Grahls in here, and they're no pushovers. Continue left at a four-way crossing and you will fight a special creature, the Lightkeeper Grahl, for his eye.


  • There are four bags with 100 gold each at a southern dead-end, along with a locked (50) chest with random armor and ingredients.
  • Another locked (50) chest with a random piece of Nordic Mail and Nordic weapon is found at a dead-end in the center.
  • A third locked (50) chest with a random piece of Nordic Mail is found at the northeastern dead-end.

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Map of the Halls of Penumbra