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Thalmor Agent
Can be encountered in the Abyss

Level 61-79
Archetype Thalmor Agent
Race High Elf
Gender Varies
Type Outlaw
Magicka Health Stamina
+6% Magicka Regeneration
-271+(22.07*lvl) 120+(5*lvl)
+6% Stamina Regeneration
Damage Armor Rating Block Rating
19+(2.004*lvl) -44+(10.8*lvl) -55+(6.7*lvl)
AttackAttack Cooldown BlockBlock Cooldown SpellSpell Cooldown AbilityAbility Cooldown
0.35 0.25 1.25 0.75
Base Attack Damage Types
75%Slashing Damage 25%Shock Damage
Resistances and Weaknesses
Resist Slashing Resist Cleaving Resist Bashing
26.1 0 0
Resist Fire Resist Frost Resist Shock Weakness to Poison
278.4 0 234.9 24.36
Spells Abilities

Thunderstorm (4)
Ward (4)
Delayed Lightning Bolt (5)
Resist Elements (4)
Lightning Bolt (11)
Fireball (10)
Absorb (5)

Recovery Strikes (4)
Focusing Dodge (4)
Piercing Strikes (5)
Adrenaline Dodge (5)

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