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Savior's Hide
Savior's Hide (SaviorsHide)
(lore page)
Type Cuirass Armor
Quality Legendary Artifact
Requires Level Player Level 6
Armor Rating 132.3 Maximum Condition 473
Selling Price 000062876,287Gold
Hircine himself is said to have sewn the armor known as the Savior's Hide from the body of a werewolf.

Resist Poison +24 Poison resistance.
Resist Spells +6 Spell resistance.
Shorten Elemental Statuses Shortens elemental conditions by 16%.
Fortify Health Regeneration At Critical Health +5 Health regeneration per second while Health is critical.
Fortify Stamina Regeneration +10 Stamina regeneration per second.

Savior's Hide (?)

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