Blades: Items
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This is a list of the different types of armor you can get in Blades. For weapons, see Weapons.


(requires level 45)

Dragonscale Armor - Like the near impregnable hide of a great wyrm itself, Dragonscale Armor provides superior protection while giving the wearer greater mobility than other, heavier options.
Dragonscale Boots - Lighter in weight than their Dragonplate equivalent, Dragonscale Boots provide admirable protection for any warrior, particularly against cleaving and poison attacks.
Dragonscale Gauntlets - Don't let their beautiful scale patterns fool you - Dragonscale Gauntlets offer amazing protection against cleaving and poison attacks.
Dragonscale Helmet - Lighter in weight and sacrificing some of the protection of its Dragonplate cousin, the Dragonscale Helmet provides a compelling alternative for a warrior who favors agility over power.
Dragonscale Shield - The Dragonscale Shield offers the same protection as the body of a dragon itself, as well as increased resilience to cleaving weapons and poison attacks.


(Requires level 45)

Dragonplate Armor - Fashioned from the bones of ancient dragons, Dragonplate Armor is extremely tough, incredibly rare, and craftable only by elite armorsmiths.
Dragonplate Boots - Crafted from ancient bones, Dragonplate Boots are difficult to acquire, but their durability means they often outlive those who wear them.
Dragonplate Gauntlets - Made from the carpal bones of ancient dragons, Dragonplate Gauntlets are as beautiful and valuable as they are strong.
Dragonplate Helmet - The Dragonplate Helmet has no equal in all of Tamriel for protecting a warrior's most valuable asset - their head.
Dragonplate Shield - The Dragonplate Shield requires no small amount of strength to wield, but rewards the bearer with unrivaled protection.

Daedric MailEdit

(Requires level 39)

Daedric Light Shield - The Daedric Light Shield may seem like a weaker protective alternative, but provides extra protection against slashing weapons and fire damage.
Daedric Mail Armor - Daedric Mail Armor is fashioned from ebony rings imbued with the essence of a Daedra heart, giving it superior defense against slashing attacks and fire damage.
Daedric Mail Boots - Rings of Ebony metal, merged with the heart of a Daedra, form the basis of these Daedric Mail Boots, which provide superior protection against slashing attacks and fire damage.
Daedric Mail Gauntlets - Granting extra protection from slashing attacks and fire damage, Daedric Mail Gauntlets can mean the upper hand in any armed combat.
Daedric Mail Helmet - While not as sturdy as its plate-based cousin, the Daedric Mail Helmet provides excellent head protection and an aggressive profile.

Daedric PlateEdit

(requires level 39)

Daedric Plate Armor - Imbuing Ebony with the essence of a Daedra is no small feat for even the most capable of blacksmiths, and only true masters can craft the formidable Daedric Plate Armor.
Daedric Plate Boots - Many a foe, in and out of Oblivion, has been crushed under the heels of these Daedric Plate Boots...
Daedric Plate Gauntlets - Well-matched for handling powerful Daedric weapons, Daedric Plate Gauntlets also offer solid hand protection... and a significant intimidation factor.
Daedric Plate Helmet - The fearsome sight of the Daedric Plate Helmet may prove enough to make weak-willed enemies flee the battlefield, and offers excellent protection from those determined to stand and fight.
Daedric Shield - Like all Daedric armor, the Daedric Shield is made with Ebony that has been infused with the heart of a Daedra, and offers nearly unmatched protection for its wielder.


(Requires level 33)

Stalhrim Armor - Carefully crafted from enchanted ice, Stalhrim Armor provides increased resistance to bashing attacks and frost damage.
Stalhrim Boots - Light and sturdy, the magical material Stalhrim has increased the bashing and frost resistance of these boots.
Stalhrim Gauntlets - Stalhrim smithing has granted these gauntlets increased resistance to bashing and frost damage.
Stalhrim Helmet - This helmet is austere, cold, and enduring - like the smiths who first unlocked the secrets of Stalhrim, the enchanted ice.
Stalhrim Shield - The light yet incredibly strong Stalhrim Shield provides additional protection against bashing weapons and frost damage.


(Requires level 33)

Ebony Armor - Renown for its resilience, Ebony Armor is made of folded bands of volcanic glass, and offers superior protection without hampering mobility.
Ebony Boots - Prestigious warriors throughout history have relied on Ebony Boots to protect their legs in the most heated of battles.
Ebony Gauntlets - No amount of blood or gore can obstruct the exquisite detail of these strong, stylized Ebony Gauntlets.
Ebony Helmet - This exotic-looking Ebony Helmet offers superior, full face protection without compromising the wearer's view of the battlefield.
Ebony Shield - The tear-shaped Ebony Shield offers remarkable protection, and in the hands of a skilled user, provides a defense that is difficult to break.


(requires level 28)

Glass Armor - In spite of its misleading name, Glass Armor is actually made from sturdy malachite, and offers superior physical defense against shock damage, while providing faster Stamina regeneration.
Glass Boots - Originally designed by the High Elves of Summerset, Glass Boots offer great leg protection against shock attacks, while enabling faster Stamina regeneration.
Glass Gauntlets - Some of the more prominent mines extracting malachite ore are located in Skyrim and Morrowind, but the technique to fashion these gauntlets is entirely Altmeri.
Glass Helmet - An elegantly crafted mix of malachite, moonstone, and orichalcum, the Glass Helmet offers protection against shock attacks, and helps fighters quickly regain Stamina.
Glass Shield - Similar in design to the Elven Shield, this malachite-and-moonstone shield offers superior protection, especially to shock damage, while increasing Stamina regeneration.


(Requires level 28)

Chaurus Armor - Chaurus Armor utilizes the breastplate of a dead Chaurus to provide that same level of protection on the battlefield.
Chaurus Boots - Made from the leg chitin of a Chaurus Hunter, these boots provide excellent protection without slowing the wearer's step.
Chaurus Gauntlets - Just as the mandibles of a giant insect once crushed its enemies to death, now the Chaurus Gauntlets forged from those mandibles can do the same.
Chaurus Helmet - The horrifying Chaurus Helmet tells your opponents two things: you are the stuff of nightmares, and they will soon be dead.
Chaurus Shield - The Chaurus Shield is exactly what you'd want between you and an opponent - a barrier of ultra-hard, ultra-light insect chitin.


Elven Armor - The traditional armor of Altmer warriors, Elven Armor is designed to protect the wearer while still allowing quick, fluid movement necessary for spell casting.
Elven Boots - Made from refined moonstone and quicksilver, Elven Boots offer great protection in addition to increasing their wearer's Magicka regeneration rate.
Elven Gauntlets - Finely crafted and surprisingly strong, Elven Gauntlets were designed to give Altmer battlemages complete freedom of hand movement during combat.
Elven Helmet - The emblematic avian design of the Elven Helmet is said to date all the way back to Auri-El, king of the Aldmer.
Elven Shield - Crafted from moonstone and quicksilver, the beautiful Elven Shield also benefits spell casters by increasing their Magicka regeneration rate.


Quicksilver Armor - Forged from quicksilver, dwarven metal, and silver, Quicksilver Armor provides stronger protection than either Dwarven or Silver armor.
Quicksilver Boots - Quicksilver Boots provide excellent protection against physical damage, and are surpassed only by those made from even more exotic materials.
Quicksilver Gauntlets - This fine set of Quicksilver Gauntlets offers significant hand protection, and was obviously crafted by an experienced smith.
Quicksilver Helmet - This gleaming Quicksilver Helmet will protect you from even the foulest of creatures.
Quicksilver Shield - This shimmering Quicksilver Shield is fit for a championā€¦ like you.

Dwarven MailEdit

Dwarven Light Shield - Sacrificing sturdiness for enhanced mobility, the Dwarven Light Shield provides added protection against slashing weapons and frost.
Dwarven Mail Armor - Lighter than Dwarven Plate Armor, Dwarven Mail Armor still provides good physical protection, as well as increased resistance to slashing weapons and frost damage.
Dwarven Mail Boots - Similar to their plate equivalents, Dwarven Mail Boots help increase one's resistance to slashing weapons and frost attacks.
Dwarven Mail Gauntlets - Dwarven Mail Gauntlets offer great protection against slashing weapons and frost damage without sacrificing any of the wearer's dexterity.
Dwarven Mail Helmet - The full-faced Dwarven Mail Helmet protects the wearer's head against normal attacks, as well as increasing resistance to slashing and frost attacks.

Dwemer PlateEdit

Dwarven Plate Armor - Stylish, distinct, and a relic of an wondrous older age: Dwarven Plate Armor is highly sought by warmasters and champions both for protection and as a status symbol.
Dwarven Plate Boots - Fashioned from ancient Dwemer metal, Dwarven Plate Boots provide steady footing and commendable lower leg protection.
Dwarven Plate Gauntlets - Made from highly durable Dwemer metal, these Dwarven Plate Gauntlets still allow fine motor movement in spite of their bulk.
Dwarven Plate Helmet - Matching the singular design of all Dwemer armor and weapons, the Dwarven Plate Helmet provides considerable protection for its weight.
Dwarven Shield - Crafted from reclaimed Dwemer metal scraps, the Dwarven Shield provides excellent protection in combat.

Orcish ScaledEdit

Orcish Scaled Armor - Orcish Scaled Armor provides increased protection from cleaving attacks and fire damage.
Orcish Scaled Boots - The unique components used to craft Orcish Scaled Boots help provide increased protection from cleaving attacks and fire damage.
Orcish Scaled Gauntlets - These sturdy Orcish Scaled Gauntlets allow for fine hand movement while protecting the wearer against cleaving weapons and fire damage.
Orcish Scaled Helmet - The traditional Orcish Scaled Helmet can be readily identified by its unique plumed design.
Orcish Scaled Shield - The light Orcish Scaled Shield trades sturdiness for increased protection from cleaving weapons and fire damage.

Orcish PlateEdit

Orcish Plate Armor - As could be expected, Orcish Plate Armor provides superior protection from physical damage.
Orcish Plate Boots - Composed of orichalcum, steel and iron, the heavy Orcish Plate Boots provide excellent leg protection.
Orcish Plate Gauntlets - Orcish Plate Gauntlets are extremely resilient to damageā€¦ but exceptionally difficult to forge.
Orcish Plate Helmet - Similar in appearance to its lighter variant, the Orcish Plate Helmet features an emblematic plumed design.
Orcish Shield - Due to its spiked design, the Orcish Shield has both offensive and defensive capabilities.


Chitin Armor - Made primarily from scrib body parts, Chitin Armor provides increased resistance to poison damage as well as faster Magicka regeneration. Scrib Chitin x 10, Leather x 6
Chitin Boots - Not only do Chitin Boots offer natural protection of an exoskeleton, but as footwear, they're surprisingly comfortable. Scrib Chitin x 8, Leather x 5
Chitin Gauntlets - While a bit unorthodox, Chitin Gauntlets provide effective armor, increased Magicka regeneration and poison resistance. Scrib Chitin x 8, Leather x 5
Chitin Helmet - Fashioned from the head of a dead scrib, the Chitin Helmet, while bizarre, offers great protection against poison attacks, as well as increased Magicka regeneration. Scrib Chitin x 8, Leather x 8
Chitin Shield - Made from the shell of a giant mudcrab, the lightweight Chitin Shield provides extra protection against poison, and increases your Magicka regeneration rate. Scrib Chitin x 7, Leather x 5


Silver Armor - Silver Armor is smithed to be both protective and elegant, so that all may see your arrival and cheer! Silver Ingot x 10, Steel Ingot x 6
Silver Boots - They may be a challenge for any blacksmith to make, but these Silver Boots offer superior protection over steel. Silver Ingot x 8, Steel Ingot x 5
Silver Gauntlets - Hands clad in Silver Gauntlets enjoy better protection over simple steel. Silver Ingot x 8, Steel Ingot x 5
Silver Helmet - What gallant, shining hero would possibly charge into battle without the protection of this glimmering Silver Helmet? Silver Ingot x 8, Steel Ingot x 5
Silver Shield - Cast as a solid metal piece, this Silver Shield offers substantial protection to its wielder. Silver Ingot x 6, Steel Ingot x 4


Leather Armour

Leather Armor

A suit of hardened Leather Armor provides adequate protection, including superior resistance to bashing attacks and shock damage.

To forge the base armour at the Smithy, the player will need ten Leather and six Pelts.

Armour name Armour Condition Buy materials needed to forge or upgrade armour
Leather Armour 57 125 (?) 10 Leather, 6 Pelts.
Fine Leather Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Superior Leather Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Remarkable Leather Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Exquisite Leather Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Magnificent Leather Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Flawless Leather Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Exemplary Leather Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)

Leather Boots

Leather Boots - Leather Boots are often used by soldiers and archers to provide foot protection without sacrificing mobility. Leather x 8, Pelt x 5

Leather Gauntlets

Leather Gauntlets - These tough Leather Gauntlets offer increased protection against bashing attacks and shock damage. Leather x 8, Pelt x 5

Leather Hood

Leather Hood - It may not be fancy, but this Leather Hood protects the wearer's head and offers additional defense from bashing attacks and shock damage. Leather x 8, Pelt x 5

Leather Shield

Leather Shield - With its lightweight yet durable design, the Leather Shield is favored by many lightly armored combatants. Leather x 7, Pelt x 5


Steel Armor - The increased protection and durability over iron makes this Steel Armor highly sought after by all manner of adventurers. Steel Ingot x 10, Iron Ingot x 6
Steel Boots - Sturdy and comfortable, Steel Boots are able to weather both battlefields and mountains. Steel Ingot x 8, Iron Ingot x 5
Steel Gauntlets - Soldiers throughout Tamriel know to trust a good pair of Steel Gauntlets. Steel Ingot x 8, Iron Ingot x 5
Steel Helmet - The Steel Helmet is considered a classic, and has become standard equipment for soldiers and adventurers alike. Steel Ingot x 8, Iron Ingot x 5
Steel Shield - Constructed primarily from wood, but reinforced with steel made from smelted iron, the Steel Shield provides enhanced resistance and durability. Steel Ingot x 6, Iron Ingot x 4


Hide Armor - Made from the pelts of wild animals, Hide Armor is the cheapest type of protection available, and wearing it allows for quicker Stamina regeneration. Pelt x 10
Hide Boots - Hide Boots may only provide minimal protection, but they help the wearer regain Stamina more quickly. Pelt x 8
Hide Gauntlets - Used by farmers and hunters alike, Hide Gauntlets offer warmth and protection, and help fighters regain Stamina more quickly. Pelt x 8
Hide Helmet - Though less sturdy and less stylish than other types of head protection, the lightweight Hide Helmet helps its wearer regain Stamina more quickly. Pelt x 8
Hide Shield - The studded Hide Shield offers basic protection from physical attacks while helping warriors regain Stamina quicker. Pelt x 7


Iron Armor

Iron Armor

Though surpassed by steel and other metal armors, Iron Armor remains a steadfast means of protection for young warriors and veterans alike.

To forge base iron armour at the Smithy, the player will need ten Iron Ingots. To improve Iron armour the player will need to acquire more materials, such as iron ingots, brass ingots and gems.

Armour name Armour Condition Buy materials needed to forge or upgrade armour
Iron Armour 51 100 (?) 10 iron ingots
Fine Iron Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Superior Iron Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Remarkable Iron Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Exquisite Iron Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Magnificent Iron Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Flawless Iron Armour (?) (?) (?) (?)
Exemplary Iron Armour 114 204 523 34 Iron Ingots, 4 Brass Ingots, 2 Topazes

Iron Boots
Iron Boots offer solid protection for the wearer's legs, be it in the arena or on the battlefield. Iron Ingot x 8

Armour name Armour Condition
Iron Boots ? ?
Fine Iron Boots ? ?
Superior Iron Boots ? ?
Remarkable Iron Boots ? ?
Exquisite Iron Boots ? ?
Magnificent Iron Boots ? ?
Flawless Iron Boots ? ?

Iron Gauntlets
Heavy Iron Gauntlets may not be known for their durability, but they offer effective protection for those unable to afford other, pricier equipment. Iron Ingot x 8

Armour name Armour Condition
Iron Gauntlets ? ?
Fine Iron Gauntlets ? ?
Superior Iron Gauntlets ? ?
Remarkable Iron Gauntlets ? ?
Exquisite Iron Gauntlets ? ?
Magnificent Iron Gauntlets ? ?
Flawless Iron Gauntlets ? ?

Iron Helmet
The heavy Iron Helmet may be simple in style, but what it lacks in flair is made up for in sheer physical protection. Iron Ingot x 8

Armour name Armour Condition
Iron Helmet ? ?
Fine Iron Helmet ? ?
Superior Iron Helmet ? ?
Remarkable Iron Helmet ? ?
Exquisite Iron Helmet ? ?
Magnificent Iron Helmet ? ?
Flawless Iron Helmet ? ?

Iron Shield

Iron Shield

Though not as durable as its Steel counterpart, the Iron Shield still provides adequate protection in combat. To forge a base iron shield at the Smithy, the player will need seven Iron Ingots.

Armour name Armour Condition Buy materials needed to forge or upgrade armour
Iron Shield (?) (?) (?) 7 Iron Ingots
Fine Iron Shield (?) (?) (?) (?)
Superior Iron Shield (?) (?) (?) (?)
Remarkable Iron Shield (?) (?) (?) (?)
Exquisite Iron Shield (?) (?) (?) (?)
Magnificent Iron Shield (?) (?) (?) (?)
Flawless Iron Shield (?) (?) (?) (?)