Onyx Cleaver
Onyx Cleaver (OnyxCleaver)
Type Heavy Cleaving Weapon
Quality Legendary Artifact
Requires Level Player Level 50
Damage 187.5 Damage Per Second (?)
Block Rating 168.75 Maximum Condition 626
Selling Price 0006119561,195Gold
Said to be made from petrified shadows, the Onyx Cleaver both inflicts damage and causes fatigue on any opponent unfortunate enough to get hit by it.

Fortify Blocked Damage Increases damage against blocking targets by 145.76.
Fortify Primary Effect Improves main enchantment by 15% (applied).
Ravage Stamina Reduces target's maximum Stamina by 51.
Reduce Stamina Regeneration Reduces target's Stamina regeneration by 1 per second for 5 seconds.

Onyx Cleaver (?)

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