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Joined 25 June 2013


Hello! Welcome to my user page! I am Satherian. Oblivion and Skyrim are among my favorite video games.

I started out playing Oblivion when my older brother came home with the game, talking about how he was over at his friend's house. We normally stuck to FPS games, but he said that he loved it so much that we should try it out. From there we played the game like crazy. Our thirst for knowledge led us here to look-up info about quests, people, etc. Once I saw that Skyrim was announced, and found the trailer, I waited. That summer I spent waiting for Skyrim, and pitched into the cost for pre-ordering and buying Skyrim.

I've decided to join UESP because I spend so much time looking up information on the Elder Scrolls universe and wanted to share my knowledge with others. Do not mistake my young age on here as equal to my knowledge of TES. But still feel free to talk to me on my user page.

Personal InfoEdit

  This user has been on UESPWiki for 10 years, 9 months, and 30 days.
  This user is a Loremaster and spends time re-reading the lore.
  This user is a Cartographer and wants to visit continents outside of Tamriel.
  This user is from the United States.
  This user plays on the Xbox.
  This user wants to start playing on the PC.

TES KnowledgeEdit

  This user is knowledgeable about Oblivion and its DLC.
  This user has unlocked all of the Achievements for Oblivion.
  This user is knowledgeable about Skyrim and its DLC.
  This user is working on unlocking all the Achievements for Skyrim.
  This user has not yet taken the UESPholic Test.

TES Gameplay InfoEdit

  This user is one of the last members of the Dwemer race.
  This user wishes to see the return of the Snow Elves.
  This user is a master of Destruction.
  This user is a master of Enchanting.
  This user is a master of Illusion.
  This user is a master of Alteration.
  This user is a master of Smithing.
  This user worships the 9 Divines.
  This user supports the Stormcloak Rebellion in the Skyrim Civil War.
  This user hates the Thalmor.