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Joined 2 September 2021
Location Vvardenfell
House your closet :)
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level 18 Class bored student

last edit: april 2nd 2024Edit

current things im doingEdit

  • sleeping in (and then regretting it)

quick bioEdit

hi, im fisnly, most people call me finn

im a 18 year old elder scrolls lover

ive played most of the TES games in reverse chronological order, starting with skyrim in 2013, all the way to daggerfall in 2020. i would play arena but i cant get over how old-school the controls are.

i tend to contribute to this site in small sparatic bursts every few months, mostly correcting grammar and trying to make articles easier to read and understand. sometimes i fact check and find more info.

i got into my first choice university in a really nice program, so my hard work is paying off!

french TES wikiEdit

i often find myself trying to translate fictional names from TES into their french counterparts for my projects, so this site is really useful in that regrard : La grande bibliotèque de Tamriel



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