I'm Aristeo! Welcome to this user page! I am not active on this project anymore, but many of my creations still exist here, including the Parchment theme which is still the main theme for the website and home page; many of the policies involving openness, transparency, and inclusiveness (including the policy that allows you to modify / distribute the content of the site); the idea for and eventual adoption of the plan to the centralize the editing community; and a large number of other random things (the walkthrough style, the editing tools at the bottom of the editing page, and occasionally even non-meta content).

I am also a former administrator from a previous generation of wiki editors back in 2006-2007 that oversaw the transformation of this site from a simple set of Elder Scrolls guides created by Dave Humphrey (a fine man) to the powerhouse of an encyclopedia it still is today. I would even be so brave as to think of myself as the former mentor of many of the senior editors who are still here. Unfortunately, some inter-community disputes led to a fork in the community that I led, although the people on my side of the fork mostly became bored and moved onto other projects.


I hereby release all of my contributions to UESP into the public domain. This includes, but is not limited to, my version of the website's current theme (as of January 2010), as well as any intellectual property that I non-exclusively released to this site's care under the CC-BY-SA license. Be aware, however, that it is your responsibility to determine what is my work and what is not, and you must take all associated risks.


I have a soft spot in my heart for anything free, transparent, friendly, open, and inclusive, and if there's a place with those ingredients somewhere out there on the Internet, you can likely find me there.

My pet project right now is Epic Chat, which is a friendly IRC network that aims to provide transparency and inclusiveness to chatroom networks and give people a friendly place they can call home. You can even find me on #epic-chat if you want to say hello. Right now, the network is mostly a close-nit community of about 20 people and a total of about 50 people on various channels. It's not too big yet, but my staff and I are working hard to build on both the technology and our user base. :)