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I mostly just play Morrowind, although I have the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansion, so I'll be starting that too. My character's name is Archer and she's an archer....That's pretty much it. Looking forward to helping the wiki.

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How I Discovered TESEdit

When I was little, my Dad was in love with Morrowind. He would play it when me and my sister were getting ready for bed and I would always try to go fast so I could watch him. Every night ended with me begging him if I could have it. Every night he told me I was too young. So he finished it, and after a while I forgot.

The Christmas I turned 14, one of the presents was the Morrowind Game of the Year edition with the Tribunal and Bloodmoon. I started playing it the next day and became addicted. There were days I would wake up early at 8 and go to bed after midnight so I could spend all day playing. My Dad had just gotten Oblivion, but I preferred Morrowind. I got my sister hooked on it too, and now she loves it even though my Mom thinks it's not good for two girls (yes, I'm a girl) to be hooked on a videogame.

But Morrowind is amazing and I will never stop gaming.

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