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Overall goal: move all Tamriel articles to new Lore namespace

Because of the magnitude of the planned tasks, most work on the Tamriel move will be done by bots. However, certain tasks will need to be done manually, as specified below

Until the Lore namespace is created, we cannot start to use or reference any articles in the Lore namespace. In particular, do not create any articles prefixed with "Lore:". For example, editing an article named "Lore:Main_Page" right now will not work properly: it will actually create an article in the main namespace, not in the Lore namespace. And once the Lore namespace is created, that article will turn into a phantom: visible in some places, but completely inaccessible (for example, until recently, we had a second, phantom Daggerfall:Hints article). Also, even starting to add links (redlinks) pointing to future Lore articles is probably not recommended. At the moment, those links will be processed as main namespace links, and therefore may not automatically link to the articles once they are created. If you need to create a link, it's best to make a link to the Tamriel namespace (even if it's a Tamriel redlink); bots will automatically update every single Tamriel link on the site, so having more Tamriel links is no more work for anyone. Basically, in terms of editing Tamriel articles everything should continue to be done "as usual" until we have a new namespace: continue to treat the Tamriel namespace as the home for all Tamriel articles.

Once the bot part of this job starts (i.e., once we reach the Moving Articles stage), the job will be far easier for the bots if we can assume that editors will not make certain changes to Tamriel or Lore articles. Therefore, before starting the page moves, we should post a Community Portal notice asking that editors:

  • Do not rename any Tamriel or Lore articles (bots are going to assume that before-move name is the same as after-move name, and that assumption has to hold until after all the links are fixed)
  • Do not attempt to fix any Tamriel or Lore articles that appear in Double Redirects (the bots should be fixing all of these; if any are missed by the bot, then the bot operator needs to know about it to update the bot code, and will probably want to test the updates on the existing problem case).
  • Any new articles that need to be created should be created in Lore and only in Lore. But first make sure that no Tamriel article with same name exists. If there's a Tamriel article, edit that article instead of creating a Lore article.
  • Standard edits to Lore/Tamriel articles can still be made.

These restrictions will only go into effect when the Community Portal notice is posted (they're just posted here for planning purposes). The notice will need to be removed/updated once Updating Links is complete.


Several of these tasks are not critical, but they're listed first because they are tasks that do not rely upon the creation of the Lore namespace. In other words, they can be done right now.

  • Ask Daveh to create Lore namespace. (Moving Articles cannot be started until the Lore namespace exists.)
  • Lore categories
    • Move existing Tamriel categories to Lore categories
    • Update templates that add categories to use new Lore categories -- manual job (bots shouldn't edit templates)
    • Update all existing pages that use Tamriel categories or link to them to instead use new Lore categories
    • After at least a day (allow server to catch up and actually empty the categories), propose old categories for deletion
  • Lore templates and trails
    • Move existing templates with "Tamriel" in their name to "Lore" -- manual job (bots shouldn't edit templates)
      • Get /Doc and any other subpages, too
    • Replace all template links/uses with new name (bot).
    • Update any parameter names that use "tamriel" to instead use "lore" (e.g., tamname->lore)
      • the template edit itself is a manual job, but it needs to be done in close coordination with a bot, because immediately after the parameter is changed, a bot needs to update all pages that use that template.
    • Check all templates that use statements such as {{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|Tamriel|...}} and change the if statement to work for both Tamriel and Lore.
      • manual job
      • This one task must be done before we start to move pages
  • New articles
    • Create actual article at Tamriel:Main_Page (which will become new Lore:Main_Page after page move).
    • Create an overview/guidelines article at UESPWiki:Lore
  • Fix PHP search functions (and other PHP code?) so that Lore namespace is added anywhere Tamriel is currently checked -- can only be done by Nephele or Daveh

Moving ArticlesEdit

Will all be done by bot (probably RoBoT?). Cannot start until Lore namespace exists.

  • Before starting: post a notice on Community Portal notifying all editors about requested restrictions on Tamriel/Lore edits (see above).
For each Tamriel Page in Tamriel and Tamriel_talk namespaces
If Tamriel Page is proposed for deletion, Skip
If Tamriel Page is a books subpage (Tamriel:Books/*), Skip
If Tamriel Page is a redirect, Skip

Move Tamriel Page to Lore Page (automatically creating redirect at Tamriel Page)

// Checking redirects has to be done as each page is moved, otherwise it will create double redirects, which
// will effectively break most Tamriel links (since most Tamriel links go through redirects).
For each Redirect to Tamriel Page
If (Redirect is in Tamriel namespace) and (Redirect is not proposed for deletion) and (Redirect is not a books subpage)
Move Tamriel Redirect to Lore Redirect
Change Lore Redirect to point to Lore Page
Change Tamriel Redirect to point to Lore Page
Change Redirect to point to Lore Page
End If
End For

End For

At the end of this process, all Tamriel pages that need to be moved should be moved. All links on all articles should continue to function throughout the process, although most links will be going through Tamriel redirects for now.


Before moving on to updating the links, there are several tasks that will need to be done manually:

  • Update all Tamriel links contained within templates (bots shouldn't edit templates; doing this before starting the bots will quickly fix a large fraction of the Tamriel links and therefore reduce the bot task list)
  • Check all templates that originally used statements such as {{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|Tamriel|...}} (all of which were edited once above). Remove extra coding necessary to make templates recognize both Tamriel and Lore; only need to recognize Lore

In addition, at this stage several other manual tasks will become possible:

  • Implement new sidebar

Updating LinksEdit

//Starting by just editing all Lore articles, because almost every one will need to be updated, and this will reduce
//the length of the "what links here" lists substantially
For (each Page in Lore namespace that is not a redirect), then (each Page that links to a Tamriel article)

// This replace will not check to see whether the Lore article exists
// (assume it was a redlink on Tamriel article, too; check will just be a waste of bot time and server resources)
Replace all instances of [[Tamriel: with [[Lore:

// Trailing colon in match is important (although Tamriel-based templates should have already been done)
Replace all instances of {{Tamriel: with {{Lore:

Replace all instances of [[Lore:Tamriel|Tamriel]] with [[Lore:Main_Page|Lore]]
Log these cases for manual review?

Replace all instances of [[Lore:Tamriel with [[Lore:Main_Page
Log these cases for manual review?

Log all remaining cases where "Tamriel" is mentioned on the page so they can be manually reviewed
End For
  • Need to decide on a useful way to log what needs to be reviewed manually
  • Are there other Tamriel->Lore replacements that should be automatically done by bot?


  • Remove Community Portal notice about Lore/Tamriel edit restrictions
  • Editors need to check all logged cases to see whether bot edit was correct
  • Create proper Lore:Tamriel article (describing the continent instead of the namespace), double check whether appropriate links to Lore:Tamriel exist
  • Editors need to generally keep their eyes open for anomalies that happened during the process, and fix them.


  1. Six months after completion of #Updating Links, bots add a disclaimer to all Tamriel namespace redirects about eventual deletion of Tamriel namespace, changing them to manual redirects
  2. Around the middle of ’09, all Tamriel namespace articles proposed for deletion by bot
  3. Delete all Tamriel namespace articles


Overall goal: move all fanfiction to user namespace

All revisions to the fanfiction need to be manually done (especially because moving user content by bot doesn't seem appropriate).

  1. Create some new templates for use on fanfiction pages that specify what edit permissions are granted to editors other than the author.
  2. Post messages on the talk pages of all fanfiction authors notifying them of the changes, requesting that they move their fanfiction, and requesting that they add the new templates as necessary.
  3. If authors do not move their fanfiction after a couple weeks, then manually move the fanfiction.
  • I've already gone through and done most of it manually. It is quicker, and won't mean a ton of talk page notifications, half of which will be ignored.--Ratwar 15:47, 4 July 2008 (EDT)


Overall goal: move all reviews to user namespaces, with possible exception of certain reviews
  • Working on reviews should wait until final decision is made about reviews


Overall goal: move all remaining General namespace articles to Mainspace

Plan on doing all changes to General namespace manually: don't want bots to do Fanfiction (see above), also too few articles to justify bots.

  • Note: When changing links of the form [[General:article|label]], they must be changed to [[:article|label]] -- the colon (:) at the start is required or else the link won't work.
  • Create templates, trails, categories (if needed)
  • Create ‘All Content’ Page
    • All Games Page
    • General:Main Page


Review NamespaceEdit

It is a small namespace, currently only used by Wrye. This alone makes it a prime candidate for integration. It is also used to imply that the reviews contained within are ‘better’ than most (if not all) of the reviews currently in the User namespace. Personally, I think it would be better to keep all single editor articles in the User namespace and separate them by a ‘featured’ status. This would serve to both indicate good reviews and keep the User namespace from growing. If other reviews of good quality were created, they could be nominated for featured status, but the current review namespace articles would be grandfathered in.

Tamriel NamespaceEdit

The Tamriel namespace has been a bit of a problem. For one thing, Tamriel:Tamriel is the main page, not an article about the continent of Tamriel itself. Secondly, it doesn’t accurately portray the contents as being something other than a game (some users might not know that there isn’t an Elder Scrolls: Tamriel), and the namespace includes pages about other continents besides Tamriel. Another potential problem could arise if Bethesda eventually names a game ‘Tamriel’. Therefore, it stands to reason that it would be beneficial to move it to a new ‘Lore’ namespace.

Moving Fanfic to User SpaceEdit

These are single-editor articles, so they are best suited to user space.

Moving General Namespace to MainspaceEdit

All articles in the General namespace, besides the fanfictions, are non-game related topics. It shouldn’t be a problem to move these articles to the Mainspace, where they will have preference over namespace articles. Currently searching for ‘Bethesda’ takes you too ‘Daggerfall:Bethesda’ not ‘General:Bethesda’. With this move, you would be taken to ‘Bethesda’.

Reorganizing SidebarEdit

Currently people want info about Oblivion, so putting the Oblivion article closer to the top will help them find it. It will also make it clearer that the expansions are not stand-alone games.

New SidebarEdit

Page Moves (Human interaction):Edit


Tamriel:Tamriel to Lore:Main Page


Current Renamed
General:Hlaalu Hortator User:Vook/Hlaalu Hortator
General:Editors User:Somercy/Editors
General:The Nineten Spam Battle User:Somercy/The Nineten Spam Battle
General:The Sixth House User:Michaeldsuarez/The Sixth House
General:The Sixth House, Part I User:Michaeldsuarez/The Sixth House, Part I
General:The Sixth House, Part II User:Michaeldsuarez/The Sixth House, Part II
General:The Sixth House, Part III User:Michaeldsuarez/The Sixth House, Part III
General:Egg Rolls? User:Playjex/Egg Rolls?
General:Grammartime User:HMSVictory/Grammartime
General:The Guild's-Knight User:Somercy/The Guild's-Knight
General:Tatterwing User:Somercy/Tatterwing
General:Dark Arts on Retrial User:Vook/Dark Arts on Retrial
General:Diary of Smlajie User:Imperial_D/Diary of Smlajie
General:Diary of Smlajie (french) User:Imperial_D/Diary of Smlajie (french)
General:Fighters Guild Chronicles User:Vesna/Fighters Guild Chronicles
General:Honor Thy Brothers User:MadMax06/Honor Thy Brothers
General:The Tales of Porkchop User:Piratesahoy/The Tales of Porkchop
General:The Order of the Scarab User:Daveoten/The Order of the Scarab
General:Shade-Eyes User:Kementari/Shade-Eyes
General:Dothruviel's Guide to the Imperial City User:Kementari/Dothruviel's Guide to the Imperial City
General:Thief of Darkness User:Rpeh/Thief of Darkness
General:Tales of Tom the Imperial User:MadeMan21021/Tales of Tom the Imperial
General:A Fishy Deal User:Game_Lord/A Fishy Deal
General:Bloodmaster User:Twentyfists/Bloodmaster
General:The Listener's Saga: The Sundered Brotherhood User: M.trix/The Listener's Saga: The Sundered Brotherhood
General:Fingers of the Mountain User:Matthewest/Fingers of the Mountain
General:Varlados' Tale User:Imperial_D/Varlados' Tale
General:Guide to the Shivering Isles User:Puddle/Guide to the Shivering Isles
General:A Vitharn Obituary User:Puddle/A Vitharn Obituary
General:The Story of a Madman User:Teh Moleman122/The Story of a Madman
General:Demonlight User:Game_Lord/Demonlight
General:The Lighter Side of Tamriel User:Rpeh/The Lighter Side of Tamriel
General:The Tribunal's Seduction User:HMSVictory/The Tribunal's Seduction
General:The New Empire User:Juz/The New Empire
General:The Armour of Contempt User:HMSVictory/The Armour of Contempt
General:New World Order User:HMSVictory/New World Order
General:Rise And Fall User:HMSVictory/Rise And Fall
General:Furious User:Twentyfists/Furious
General:Pestilence User:Twentyfists/Pestilence
General:Patriots User:Puddle/Patriots
General:The Zeroes Guild User:Michaeldsuarez/The Zeroes Guild


All Games to All Content