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Tribunal:Tears of Amun-Shae

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Tears of Amun-Shae
# of Zones 1
Goblins, Durzog
Console Location Code(s)
Old Mournhold: Tears of Amun-Shae
Old Mournhold, Battlefield
A waterfall in the Tears of Amun-Shae

The Tears of Amun-Shae is a cave in the Battlefield section of Old Mournhold.

You can reach the Tears of Amun-Shae via the Residential Ruins or the Armory Ruins.

This is the main lair of the Goblin army. Warchief Durgoc is located on a ledge in the southern portion of the expansive dungeon. Close by, Warchief Kurog is wandering the tunnels. Apart from those two, seven goblins and a durzog guard the area.

The major treasure haul to be found is hidden on a ledge close to the top of the waterfall and only accessible by levitation. There are five potions (a Potion of Cure Poison, a Standard Fire Resistance, a Quality Potion of Fire Shield, a Bargain Rising Force Potion and an Ancient Dagoth Brandy), a pair of Expensive Pants, and the real prize - an Admantium Axe. The only other treasure is by Warchief Durgoc: a locked (80) chest containing 622 gold and a unique Goblin Buckler.

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Goblin Army: Investigate the rumors of a Goblin army being gathered by Lord Helseth.


  • There is a good hoard of loot in the waterfall area (including an Adamantium Axe), reached only by levitation.


Map of Old Mournhold Tears of Amun-Shae