Template:Quest Link

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This template is an attempt to help keep quest links looking the same.


Please note that capitalization of the parameter values is important.

Quest Link
Parameter Scope Description
1 or
required Quest page name.
2 or
optional Name to use for quest instead of the page name.
mod optional Template name for a mod/add-on tag (usually, the two letter code).
ns_base optional Namespace of the game being referenced. Defaults to current page's NAMESPACE.
Mod Parameters
Note that custom mod parameters are tentatively deprecated at this point, as the information should all be loaded automatically from the mod's page.
modpage optional Enables the mod/add-on tag to use a different link than default. Intended for Skyrim Creation Club use.
modtitle optional The superscript text to use instead of the mod's name. Intended for Skyrim Creation Club use.


{{Quest Link|ns_base=Oblivion|quest=Tutorial}}

Tutorial: You must follow the secret escape route to escape the prison.

{{Quest Link|ns_base=Oblivion|quest=The Sword of the Crusader|mod=KotN}}

The Sword of the CrusaderKotN: Retrieve the Sword of the Crusader and reconsecrate it.