Template:Quest Header

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This template displays an informative table about a given quest and should be applied at the top of all quests pages.


Please note that currently, some parameters are lower-case, others are mixed-case. Any that don't follow the pattern of Xxxx will allow for all possible case combinations for backwards compatibility and ease of use. The parameters below use the "official" case used by the template. It may be desirable in future to convert these all to lower-case for consistency with most other templates.

Quest Header
Parameter Scope Description
description required A description of the quest.
image required A thumbnail image of some part of the quest. If this parameter is missing, a NeedsImage banner will automatically be added to the quest article. In cases where an image is truly never needed, set image to "none".
TOClimit optional Limit the header levels displayed in the table of contents.
Icon optional The in-game icon for the quest. The name of the image is all that is needed — do not use [[File:...]] or [[Image:...]].
optional Anything that should be added above or below the quest information table.
Giver optional Whoever gives you the quest, and where to find them.
Loc optional The locations you travel to in order to complete the quest (displays "None" if not specified). There is no need to include the location of the Giver in this list if it was already provided there.
Prev optional If a series quest, the quest that needs to be completed before this one.
Next optional If a series quest, the quest that is presented to the player after completion.
Conc optional If a series quest, any quest that can be done at the same time.
Reward optional Any gifts given to the player after a quest is completed (displays "None" if not specified).
Disp optional Any Disposition bonuses earned by completing the quest.
Rep optional Any Reputation bonuses earned by completing the quest.
Fame optional
Oblivion only
Any fame and/or infamy points that will be added when the player completes the quest.
ID optional The editor identification of a quest.
ReqRank optional The required faction rank needed to begin the quest.
ReqRep optional Reputation required to receive the quest.
ReqItem optional Any items that are required during the duration of the quest.
Prereq optional Any prerequisites not covered by other parameters.
SuggItem optional Any items that may be of use to the player during the quest.
SuggSpell optional Any spells that may be of use to the player during the quest.
ReqLevel optional The level the player must be in order to begin the quest.
SuggLevel optional The level the player should be before beginning the quest.
Time optional The time it takes to do the quest, or time limit if there is one.
Difficulty optional The difficulty of the quest. (Different standards have been used historically. For future use, please use Easy, Medium, Hard.)
imgdesc optional A description of the thumbnail image.
mod optional Name of mod that adds the quest (if not in baseline version of game).
nothumb optional Set nothumb=yes to force the image to be shown at full size rather than thumbnailed. This should only be used in exceptional cases, such as when the source image is an animated image.