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This page lists unofficial mods for Skyrim created by Kurt Kuhlmann, who was the game's co-lead designer.

Real CarriagesEdit

Developer Mods/Kurt Kuhlmann
Released Feb 25, 2012
Size 0.763 MB
PC Download here

Real Carriages is an experimental mod which makes all carriages ridable in real time, like in the game's opening sequence. It was originally available from the Steam Workshop, but has been removed. It can be downloaded here.

After hiring a carriage, you and your followers will be automatically seated and the carriage will slowly make its way to your destination, following the roads. The carriage driver will occasionally make a comment on your destination. Talking to him will cause him to say "Did you need something?", and will give you three options:

  • Wake me up when we arrive. This will act like a normal carriage ride, teleporting you to your destination.
  • I want to get out here. The carriage driver will respond with "Woah!" and the carriage will stop, allowing you to get off.
    • The carriage driver will remain in place, making irritated comments such as "I can't wait here forever."
    • Speaking to him again will have him say "Ready to go?", and give you two more options:
      • Yes, let's keep going. This will cause you to return to the carriage and continue the ride.
      • Never mind. The carriage will remain in place.
  • Never mind. The ride will continue.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will exit the carriage and the carriage driver will return to his usual location.

Author's SummaryEdit

Replaces the carriages in the cities with real ridable carriages like in the game's intro.

You can ride to any of the hold capitals, get out along the way, and your follower will even ride along with you. You can also ask to skip directly to the destination.

This is a work in progress, and also illustrates some of the issues with the carriages (and why they didn't ship in the real game).

1. MAJOR - if you load a save with a carriage in the loaded area, the carriage will not work - the horse will move but the carriage won't. As far as I can tell, this is a limitation of the code that attaches the horse, riders and carriage together. I haven't found a workaround.

2. The carriage routes need work to help the carriage avoid rocks and other obstacles, which can cause the carriage to bounce around wildly. Currently it relies mainly on the existing road navmesh, which works fine overall.

I'd welcome any feedback on specific spots where the carriage runs into problems.

Thanks and enjoy!


  • Latest update should fix the issue with saves where you see overlapping carriages.
  • If you save the game with the plugin loaded, and then uninstall the plugin, the carriages may no longer work. If this happens, your best bet is to go back to a save prior to loading the plugin. If you really want to keep playing, and are willing to live with the carts looking weird, this should get the carts at least functional again:
set realcarton to 0



This mod is a proof of concept, and as such is heavily bugged. The ride is visually jerky and can sometimes turn upside down; this erratic movement will often cause the death of anything in the carriage's path. Enabling and disabling the mod can also have severe consequences, so it is advisable to use a clean save with this mod. The mod can also cause an odd, pixelated graphical glitch, which persists even after disembarking the carriage.

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