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Vals Veran
(RefID: 00019FE7)
Location Hillgrund's Tomb
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level Radiant (7-40) Class Conjurer
RefID 00019FE7 BaseID 00019FE6
Other Information
Health 175-500
Magicka 190-460
Stamina 25
Primary Skills Conjuration, Restoration, Alteration, Destruction
Class Details CombatMageConjurer
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Voice Type MaleDarkElf
Vals Veran readying a frost spell

Vals Veran is a Dark Elf conjurer who believes the dead are there to serve the living. He is discovered by Golldir defiling Hillgrund's Tomb with his 'filthy dark elf necromancy'. After learning that Vals Veran was attempting to resurrect Hillgrund and their other ancestors, Aunt Agna went in alone to try and stop him.

Vals wears necromancer robes along with a pair of boots.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

When you and Golldir confront him, he will have a short conversation with your companion and then attack:

Vals: "The dead should be made to serve the living, not the other way around!"
Golldir: "I'll return my ancestors to Sovngarde, and you with them!"
Vals: "Sovngarde is a myth, you s'wit! And now you can join your ancestors in service to me!"