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Skyrim:Tsun's Battle Axe

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Leveled Item: Tsun's Battle Axe (0005bf18)
(All statistics are for level 23+ version)
Type Battle Axe
Editor ID MQ304DraugrBattleAxeTsun04
Damage Damage 27
Damage Damage 27 {{{health}}}
Speed 0.7
Speed 0.7 Reach 1.3
Weight Weight 36 Value Value 1000
Tsun's Battle Axe

Tsun's Battle Axe is the primary weapon for the shield-thane of Shor, Tsun. The weapon lacks any enchantment and is unobtainable through any means except the console. Even if you do add it to your inventory, the weapon is marked as unplayable and will not be usable.

Leveled StatisticsEdit

Level       Object ID Editor ID
1-13 30 1000 20 0005bf19 MQ304DraugrBattleAxeTsun01
14-17 32 1000 22 0005bf16 MQ304DraugrBattleAxeTsun02
18-22 34 1000 24 0005bf1a MQ304DraugrBattleAxeTsun03
23+ 36 1000 27 0005bf18 MQ304DraugrBattleAxeTsun04