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Purchase a cozy sewer home ideal for a thief.
Quest Giver: Automatically added after purchasing the Shadowfoot Sanctum Creation
Location(s): The Ratway
Reward: Shadowfoot Sanctum
ID: ccEEJSSE003_HouseQuest
Required Items: 7,500 gold
Added by: Shadowfoot Sanctum
A subterranean home beneath the streets of Riften

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Purchase Shadowfoot Sanctum from Vekel the Man for 7,500 gold.
  2. Visit your new property.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

This short quest will be added to your journal upon installing the Shadowfoot Sanctum Creation. You will be directed to speak to Vekel the Man in The Ragged Flagon, an underground tavern located in the Ratway beneath Riften. He will offer to sell you Shadowfoot Sanctum for 7,500 gold.

You will be given a key to access the sanctum upon purchasing the property, which is located a short distance from the Flagon's entrance. It is a fully-furnished player home with a hidden entrance and lots of storage, ideal for members of the Thieves Guild. It contains many crafting stations and shrines as well as space for your spouse and adopted children. Enter Shadowfoot Sanctum to complete the quest.

Quest StagesEdit

Shadowfoot Sanctum (ccEEJSSE003_HouseQuest)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Not every home in Skyrim is built above ground. If I'm ever in the need of a more discreet hideout, I should head over to Riften and talk to those in the know.
Objective 10: Purchase a home in the Riften Ratways
20 After meeting with the Thieves Guild in the Ragged Flagon, I purchased a home in the Ratways from Vekel. I should find the location and make myself at home.
Objective 20: Enter Shadowfoot Sanctum
100 ☑Finishes quest After meeting with the Thieves Guild in the Ragged Flagon, I purchased a home in the Ratways from Vekel. I found the entrance to Shadowfoot Sanctum and can now settle in.