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Skyrim:Her Hand Gauntlets

Skyrim: Items: Ghosts of the Tribunal
Armor: Her Hand Gauntlets (xx00081D, xx000A4B)
Type Heavy Armor
Editor ID ccASVSSE001_ArmorHighOrdinatorGloves
Rating Rating 16
Rating Rating 16 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 6 Value Value 300/(?) (enchanted)
Tempering Chitin Plate
Tempering Chitin Plate Perk
One-handed attacks do 40% more damage:
Her Hand Gauntlets

Her Hand Gauntlets are the part of the set of armor used by the members of Almalexia's personal guard to protect their own hands. Alongside these gauntlets, this set of equipment also includes boots, cuirass, and a helmet. The armor has been enchanted to fortify one-handed attacks, making Almalexia's ordinators deadlier in combat. Tempering these gauntlets requires a piece of Chitin Plate and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

There is also a version of this armor that does not have an enchantment already placed upon it, leaving its magical effects up to you.