Skyrim:Helm of Yngol

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Unique Item: Helm of Yngol (000295f3)
Type Heavy Helmet
Editor ID DunYngolBarrowSteelPlateHelmet
Rating Rating 21
Rating Rating 21 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 8 Value Value 565
Tempering Steel Ingot
Tempering Steel Ingot Perk Advanced
Increases Frost Resistance by 30%:
The Helm of Yngol
The remains of Yngol, with his helmet

The Helm of Yngol is a unique helmet that belonged to Yngol, one of the original members of the Companions. After his death, he and his helmet were locked away in Yngol Barrow. The helm itself provides its wearer with a thirty percent increase to frost resistance. Tempering the Helm of Yngol requires a steel ingot and the Arcane Blacksmith perk, with the benefits of the alterations doubling if the Advanced Armors perk is also unlocked.

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  • The Helm of Yngol is considered to be a part of the Steel Plate set, and not the Ancient Nord set. As this helmet is considered to be part of that set, you can use the Helm of Yngol to replace a Steel Plate Helmet or Ahzidal's Helm of Vision, and still gain the Matching Set perk.
  • Unlike other Draugr or Ancient Nord-styled helmets, the helm looks identical for both males and females instead of the female version having smaller, deer-like horns.