Skyrim:Goldbrand (item)

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Artifact: Goldbrand (FExxxD61)
(lore page)
Type One-handed Sword
Added by Goldbrand
Editor ID ccBGSSSE005_Goldbrand
Damage Damage 15
Damage Damage 15 {{{health}}}
Speed 1.000
Speed 1.000 Reach 1.0
Weight Weight 17 Value Value 3413
Tempering Gold Ingot
Tempering Gold Ingot Perk Daedric Smithing
Burns the target for 30 points. Targets on fire take extra damage.
Charge/Cost = Uses 3000/50=60

Goldbrand is a sword artifact. It is acquired through the A Matter of Pride quest. Tempering Goldbrand requires a Gold Ingot, and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

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