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Skyrim:Gloves of the Pugilist

Skyrim: Items: Unique Items
Unique Item: Gloves of the Pugilist (0010a06a)
Type Light Gauntlets
Editor ID dunRatwayBrawlerGloves
Rating Rating 5
Rating Rating 5 {{{health}}}
Weight Weight 2 Value Value 194
Tempering 2 Leather Strips + Leather
Tempering 2 Leather Strips + Leather Perk
Unarmed strikes do 10 additional damage:
Gloves of the Pugilist

The Gloves of the Pugilist are unique gloves located inside of the sewer tunnels beneath Riften known as The Ratway. Specifically, the Gloves of the Pugilist are found on the appropriately named Gian the Fist, who uses them for their unique fortify unarmed damage enchantment, which increases the damage unarmed strikes do by ten points. The gloves themselves share their appearance with fur gauntlets, along with its base stats. Unlike fur gauntlets, the improvements available through the use of a workbench require two leather strips, a piece of leather, and the Arcane Blacksmith perk, versus just a single piece of leather.


  • Unlike most unique items, the Gloves of the Pugilist can be disenchanted.