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Elianora (RefID: FExxxFE7)
Added by Myrwatch
Location Myrwatch
Species Rabbit Soul
Level 1 Type Animals
RefID FExxxFE7 BaseID FExxxFE0

Elianora is the ghostly apparition of a rabbit which will appear when you activate the seal at Myrwatch during the related quest. It appears at the seal and will hop over to the nearby magical brazier, causing it to alight with a tower of blue energy. The rabbit will disappear thereafter, and you will receive a message stating that "The tower door was unlocked by mysterious forces."

The name of the rabbit does not appear in-game as it cannot be interacted with. It is named after Elianora, the author of the Myrwatch Creation.

Related QuestsEdit


  • The ghost is presumably intended to be a hare rather than a rabbit, considering the hint contained in Hans's Journal.