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Skyrim:East Empire Company (place)

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East Empire Company
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# of Zones 2
Respawn Time 10 days
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East Empire Company

The East Empire Company is the regional office for the company on the docks of Windhelm. The office is almost completely bare and run down before completing the relevant quest. It is located between the Clan Shatter-Shield Office and the western end of the docks.

Before Rise in the East is complete


Orthus Endario
Adelaisa Vendicci*  

* This person only appears once you return from Dawnstar with information during the relevant quest for Orthus.

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East Empire CompanyEdit


When you first visit the office, it is dark, dusty, and full of cobwebs. There are round wooden tables in alcoves to the east and west, with the latter holding the business ledger and a level-locked non-respawning strongbox containing random items on top. There is a partition wall splitting the building into two rooms, with a doorway in the middle joining them. The rest of the office contains a few crates and food sacks, but not much else, except empty shelves.

After completing the quest Rise in the East, the office and company will be restored. Once restored, the office is fairly well lit, clean, and tidy. There are still crates, barrels, and sacks of foodstuffs all around both rooms. There is a set of shelves to the left of the doorway holding a draught of strength, a solution of strength, a philter of the defender, a woodcutter's axe, a bottle of alto wine, a bottle of wine, and a bottle of Nord mead. To the right of the doorway is a dresser containing clothes, with a bottle of wine and a bottle of Nord mead on top. To the east, against the wall is a long wooden table holding a bowl and a bottle of Nord mead. Through the doorway into the second room, there is a set of shelves holding copies of Brief History of the Empire (the complete series), Report: Disaster at Ionith, Mixed Unit Tactics, Lost Legends, The Cake and The Diamond, and Darkest Darkness. In the northeastern corner, on a crate is a bottle of alto wine, and in the southeastern corner, in a bucket on the floor is a medium coin purse.


  • The dressers in the location are non-respawning.