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Type Offensive
Effect ID 000e3cbb
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Built-In Potions

Being drugged causes your screen to be tinted purple and become blurry, which is neither beneficial nor necessarily detrimental. This can only be experienced by drinking the drug Sleeping Tree Sap or the illegal potion added by Dawnguard, Redwater Skooma. The effect lasts for 45 seconds, dispelling the fuzziness and purple color immediately afterward.


  • No alchemical ingredients share the unique effects of being drugged, so it is impossible to make a poisoned weapon (or enchanted) with the drugged effect. However, it can be placed in NPCs' inventories, so that they drink it, although it has no discernible effect on them.
  • Since the drugged effect is only possible to have after drinking Sleeping Tree Sap or Redwater Skooma, you should be aware that Slow and Fortify Health/Restore Stamina (depending on which you take) will also take effect along with being drugged.
  • The effects are slightly similar to those temporarily obtained in the quest Brelyna's Practice by Brelyna Maryon, when she casts an experimental spell that places a green film over your vision.