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Curalmil (RefID: 0008DB3A)
Location Forsaken Crypt
Species Radiant Soul Common
Level Radiant (7-50) Type Radiant
RefID 0008DB3A BaseID 00048B55
Other Information
Health 210-1490 Magicka 0-545
Stamina 0-700
Faction(s) Creature Faction; Radiant
Curalmil, attacking

Curalmil is the creator of the White Phial and, in his undead form, the end boss of the Forsaken Cave dungeon.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Most of the time Curalmil will be a draugr. However, he can be a dragon priest at high levels.
  • If you leave after awakening Curalmil but before killing him, and the dungeon is returned to after it has reset, another boss-level draugr will spawn in the coffin but Curalmil will still be present wandering around the room. This can make the fight much more difficult.


  • While sneaking, his sarcophagus will burst open, but he may remain sleeping inside.
    •  Open the console and use the code resurrect 0008DB3A to wake him up.
    • Attacking him with a shout (like Fire Breath or Unrelenting Force) or placing a rune near his sarcophagus will wake him up.
  • His corpse may be unsearchable if he's killed outside his chamber. ?