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(RefID: 000877B3)
Home City Dawnstar
Location Quicksilver Mine
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 6 Class Miner
RefID 000877B3 BaseID 000877B2
Other Information
Health 91 Magicka 67
Stamina 67
Primary Skills Smithing, Two-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type MaleEvenTonedAccented
Faction(s) CrimeFactionPale; DawnstarQuicksilverMinerFaction; TownDawnstarFaction
Borgny mining in Quicksilver Mine in Dawnstar

Borgny is a Nord miner, and one of the many people who work in Quicksilver Mine in Dawnstar.

He works inside the mine around the clock and never even sees the light of day. Occasionally, he sits down on one of the available chairs and rests. He never pauses to eat or sleep.

He wears a set of miner's clothes and a pair of boots, and is equipped with a pickaxe. He carries a selection of lower-class items and gold.


Borgny will only ever speak about work if spoken to.

"Plenty of iron to dig."
"Mining's an honest trade. No real tricks to it."


  • He speaks about digging iron, even though he works in Quicksilver Mine.