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(RefID: 00019E13)
Location Goldenglow Estate Second Floor
Race High Elf Gender Male
Level PC×1 (range=8-20) Class Ranger
RefID 00019E13 BaseID 0001334A
Other Information
Health 50+(PC-1)×10 Magicka 50
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×5
Primary Skills Archery, Light Armor, Block, One-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Voice Type MaleElfHaughty
Faction(s) FavorExcludedFaction; Goldenglow Estate Faction; TG02 Aringoth Player Neutral Faction
Aringoth in the Goldenglow Estate

Aringoth is the Altmer owner of Goldenglow Estate, a bee farm outside of Riften which used to supply honey to the Black-Briar Meadery. The Thieves Guild made sure the operations ran smoothly and would extort considerable payment from Aringoth. Lately, he has stopped shipments, fortified the island and hired an army of mercenaries, infuriating Maven Black-Briar and causing the Guild to single him out for punishment.

Befitting his status, Aringoth wears fine clothes and boots. He is armed with a leveled dagger, leveled bow, and up to 144 arrows of various qualities up to daedric, all limited by your level. He also carries a key to his cellar, a key to his safe and up to 45 gold coins.

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Loud and ClearEdit

Once you've broken into the estate, Aringoth will be found crouching in his room on the second floor. As soon as you come close he'll spit:

"Worthless mercenaries. I didn't think Maven or Mercer would allow me to get away with this, but I had little choice."
I just want the key to your safe.
"I can't. If I do, I may as well cut my own throat."
What makes you think I won't? (Persuade)
"Fine. Take it! Once the new owner finds out I gave in, I'm as good as dead anyway." (Success)
"I don't believe you. That's not your way." (Fail)
New owner? What are you talking about?
"I've already said too much. I gave you what you came here for, now go. Leave me in peace."
Then I'll take it off your corpse!
"Give it your best shot!"
Forget it. I'll just open it myself.
"No! I'm not about to let you ruin everything I've worked so hard for!"

If spoken to again if you got the key from him peacefully:

"Go, leave me in peace."


  • If left alive, he will remain crouched in the corner for the rest of the game.