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Shadowkey:Trailslag's Goods

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Return Olpac Trailslag's pack to him in Ghast's Pass.
Quest Giver: Olpac Trailslag at Ghast's Pass
Location(s): Ghast's Pass, Twilight Temple, Fearfrost Caverns
Prerequisite Quest: Goblin Rescue 2
Reward: 250 gold, Two doses of Ghost Flame
Olpac Trailslag has had his pack stolen

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Olpac Trailslag in Ghast's Pass.
  2. Find his pack.
  3. Get your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

An Orc PackEdit

Olpac Trailslag is standing just outside Twilight Temple in Ghast's Pass, and will tell you that his camp was attacked by goblins who made off with his pack. They took it into the temple and he doesn't feel inclined to venture inside to retrieve it. When pressed, he will pay 250 gold up front and promise "the best that I have" as a final reward.

Pack of Lies?Edit

By following a trail of clues inside Twilight Temple you will eventually reach Ivgrizt who will give you his own quest before he will help you.

Eventually, Ivgrizt will tell you to meet him in Fearfrost Caverns where he will hand over the pack.

When you receive the pack you are given the option to look through it. It turns out that most of the compartments inside the pack are trapped, but you can reach a note from General Duvais that obviously relates to another quest.

Leader of the PackEdit

Return to Olpac for his thanks and two doses of Ghost Flame.


  • It is impossible to start this quest until the zombies attacking Olpac are killed. Although this is part of the Witch Tree 1 quest, this quest doesn't actually require that one to be complete.
  • Olpac will say that "Twilight Temple is no place for an honest merchant, or even me", confirming to some extent the Witch Tree's words that he might be more than he seems.